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Is It Good? Futures End #29 Review

Looks like things are really heating up in Futures End #29 if the cliffhanger from last issue and preview for this one are any indication.

Let’s see, shall we?

Spoilers Below!

Futures End #29 (DC Comics)


Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Patrick Zircher


Cal/Tim and Raymond rush into Columbia University, fighting off guards from Cadmus (the group is funding Dr. Yamazake’s research). During the fight, Tim reveals who he truly is to Ray, the former Red Robin. It doesn’t faze him and they continue to focus more on figuring out where Madison is. Meanwhile, Jason gets into Yamazake’s lab just as the teleportation experiment on Madison is beginning.

Spoiler Corner:

Tim and Ronnie fight their way to the lab, Tim staying behind to fight off the guards while Ronnie rushes into the lab.

Jason tries to stop the machine, since the magnetic field matrix is completely unbalanced, but Yamazake knocks him out. He turns the machine on to full power, however, he notices something is going wrong almost immediately. Ronnie knocks Yamazake out of the way and rushes to the tube and pulls Madison out of it. However, the machine starts affecting him instead.

Jason recovers and tries to reach out to Ronnie, suggesting they’ll need Firestorm to solve this mess. However, Jason’s hand goes completely through him and Madison on the other side. Ronnie apologizes for all the crap he has done, realizing it is too late. The power and field matrix overload and the machine explodes.

From the rubble a new Firestorm emerges. This time it’s using Madison as the body and Jason still in the mind.

Tim gets into the lab after the explosion and finds nothing but wreckage. After rummaging through, he finds Ronnie. Ronnie regrets he wasn’t able to save Madison, not knowing what really became of her, and passes away. Tim is dejected and expresses his pain and lament while in the background, an odd figure with glowing eyes in the shadows can be seen watching.


Alright, now this is what myself and so many others have been wanting from this series: real story progression and the comic actually going somewhere. Futures End #29 brings the storyline to a close, giving it complete focus and it’s all for the better. The characterization, the story’s conclusion, the implications and what they could lead to, the return of Patrick Zircher’s artwork, and more… everything’s just so good to see! The only two downsides are that since the book took so long to get to this point the effect of this ending is probably not as strong as it could be for some people and the cover is also a huge spoiler.

Most Memorable Moment:

Just awesome.


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