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Is It Good? Sinergy #1 Review

Michael Avon Oeming brings a comedic and light-hearted tone to Buffy-style monster fighting. Not to mention a dash of mystery and a high school protagonist with plenty of everyday problems to juggle. Is it good?

Sinergy #1 (Image Comics)

Oeming opens the book with a hint of a mystery, providing a very stark depiction of the world of Sinergy, but offsetting it with just a touch of hope with the narration. The page grabs you and draws you in instantly. The next sequence is where the book really makes its mark.

The reader is introduced to Jess, a recent high school graduate with a passion for hockey among other things. Her inner monologue is absolutely hilarious and the ensuing action comes straight out of the stories your dad tells about protecting his baby girl. It is an absolute riot.

The laughter does not stop with this scene, but continues into Jess and her father’s dialogue. Oeming is able to perfectly capture the interactions between what one would expect between them, from embarrassing Jess in front of her mother to Jess interpreting her father’s response as a sexual innuendo.

Oeming wonderfully blends his writing with his artwork to create the comedic tone of the book. There is one panel after an intense battle scene filled with a flying bulldog, which exemplifies the comedic tone. The dog is peeing on the defeated monster while stating “That’s how we do.” Taki Soma’s colors enhance the comedic effect by portraying the characters in a silhouette while adding a bright yellow stream of piss coming from the dog onto the monster. She uses her distinct style (also seen in The United States of Murder Inc.) of portraying different sequences with specific colors to enhance the emotional impact of the scenes.

One of the glaring errors of the book is the placement of the speech bubbles by David Walker. Speech bubbles from one character are stacked on top of each with responses to the first bubble below the second one. There are also cases where some of the bubbles flow from left to right while others flow from top to bottom creating a tad bit of confusion and requiring some rereading to figure out the correct dialogue. There is also one minor spelling error.

Another drawback, though quite minor, is the appearance of the book ending with a panel hinting at the details of the next issue! However, the book transfers away from Jess and her dad to the lucky lad, Leaf, and details the ambitions and plights of the monsters.

Is It Good?

Sinergy #1 is perfect if you are looking for a nice action-comedy to round out your pull list this week, although it does have some drawbacks with the lettering and an ending that is a touch out of place.


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