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The Best Cosplay of Super Megafest Comic Con 2014

Saturday at Super Megafest in Framingham Mass was more fun than should be allowed. We’ve tried to caption these with what they are, but some were baffling, so let us know what they are in the comments. Enjoy!

And if that’s you in the picture let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @advsinpoortaste!

Time for Super Megafest. Get some!

Stormtrooper with bunny ears and belly shirt. Alright alright alright!

Superman knows what’s up!

Zeus and…something cold related?

An awesome Mr. Sinister and…Black Lightning?

Glad to see Tyrion and Cersei have made up. Drinks for all!

Catwoman and Deathstroke are a thing? Don’t tell Batman!

Loki and Thor…not at each others’ throats!

Something manga or anime?

Fantastic Emma Frost going diamond mode.

Dalek says what?

Bob Ross RIP.

Pirate Deadpool is not pleased!

What is a Con without a Slave Leia?

Mystery Science Theater anyone?

Delia and Deidre Dennis, the granddaughters of Harley Quinn from Batman Beyond. Nice choice!

Wonder Woman!

Modern Catwoman wants that classic car!

The Crazy 88 lost one of their own!

Gotta love the FF Spider-Man!

Dueling Catwomen! The one on the right is none other than Chelsea!

Saber city!

Hand made Robin Hood costumes. Radical!


Red Skulls commune.

Frozen done right!

Starlord says, “what’s up!”

Jareth the Goblin King says greetings.

Hollywood Hogan, brother!

Capullo/Snyder Joker showing some skin.

The dragon moved!

Cap is ready for Civil War!

Tony too!

Winter Soldier might have something to say about that Civil War of theirs!

Changeling points at Poison Ivy.

Sexiest man in the world!

AiPT’s very own Tom Strong and Catwoman. Wait what?!

Nightwing is not amused about the People Magazine’s choice…

Violator showing some team spirit.


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