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Is It Good? Man vs. Rock Volume 3 Review

It has been a very long and cold wait for Volume 3 of the most absurd and hilarious rock-focused comedy ever. I’ve been hoping and dreaming of the next volume, largely because there’s nothing quite as loud and riotous as those first two volumes. Is it good?

Man vs. Rock Volume 3

The premise is simple enough. Almost too simple: rocks have been planning to overthrow humanity for some time and a man named Buck is our only hope to beat them. He’s got a mean attitude like Mel Gibson wrapped in a Machette tin foil, his ex-wife Vivian is the Vice President and President Dick is hot to trot when it comes to explosives. If it sounds silly it is, but in a very over the top, totally non-gay way. Actually wait, there is some gay stuff in there too, but it’s all above board and respectable…if you can take a joke.

I mean, it’s not like the Army has been getting any action lately…

What works?

Once again, Man vs. Rock writers Victor DeTroy and Kevin Bieber bring the funny and dare I say, this volume is the funniest yet. The jokes only built up as I read and balance was really good. There wasn’t a drought by any means when it came to the laughs and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. The pace and plot progression is quite nice too. This might be because the story focuses on the President and Vivian’s side of the story and their attempts to kill the rocks with the military. I was never bored and always interested in what would happen next.

The art by Jared Lamp continues to be a great match to the humor in its sketchy pen and ink style. His lines have a lot of energy and help increase the over-the-top nature of the story. His War Room scene with all the foreign dignitaries is quite good too with a nice stark black background to make their stereotypes pop. The gore is also a great layer to the humorous moments. Once again, I can’t imagine what this thing would be like with color.

Stupid children and women!

What works even better?

The humor in this series is very much one Americans can relate to, especially those that are liberal minded. I say this because there are shots made at the military, bumbling leaders and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That said I’m not sure this volume would offend folks as much as the first volume. That’s mostly because there’s a reference to Jesus in that first one, but also much of the humor in this volume is so over-the-top I can’t imagine someone actually getting offended by it. There are some jokes directed at Germans, Japanese and Canadians, but they are so raucous in nature if you are offended you’re way too literal. Also, you’re a square.

There’s also a very funny take on location titles I won’t ruin here, but it’s a really funny and clever joke that builds as the issue cuts to new locations.

Okay, so what doesn’t work?

Okay, that Japanese ambassador thinking a nuclear bomb can’t hurt humans joke was a bit much, but hell, I still laughed. Speaking of jokes that missed the mark, I just did not get the comic con “no virgins allowed” bus joke. Call me crazy.

Another negative was how little Buck appears in this issue. The lead protagonist only shows up at the end and he’s there really to connect the military thread to the bigger picture.

Lamp had me confused with the giant rock hammer (don’t ask) as I had to turn back and look again when it was referenced.

How does that work?

Is It Good?

This is the best comic with rocks as the villains on the stands. It’s also the most absurd and offensively hilarious book you can purchase today. Buy it you fools!

Volume 3 comes out December 1st through Amazon, eCrater, and in a few weeks Comixology. No I don’t have a date for when it hits Comixology what am I your mother?


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