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Is It Good? Robyn Hood #4 Review

In a lot of ways, this series could probably take the whole bow and arrow thing away from the protagonist and it’d be just as good. You see, it’s the writing, the plotting and the characters that make this series work. The fact that she shoots arrows really has nothing to do with it. Well, with a new issue comes a new jumping on point for new readers, but is it good?

Robyn Hood #4 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Robyn lives in New York and generally fights crime. She’s started a new company with her roommate Mariane to take on cases for cash and they typically have a supernatural tilt to them. Last issue she took on a priest with demonic powers, Mariane joined a Roller Derby league and we learned there was a bad guy behind the bad guy. Of course there was. This issue kicks off with a lady who abuses her cat, monsters in the shadows and Robyn joining forces with sword-wielding Red Riding Hood.


What works?

I really like the art by Tony Brescini. It has a similar quality to the previous artist, but it’s a bit more detailed and clever. I say clever because there are moments where characters are talking but actions are happening around them. For instance, in a scene on a subway train where Red Riding Hood asks Robyn if she’s dating Mariane there are people around them interacting and going about their business. I can’t say enough how important this is in making the comic feel more real and lived in. It’s like a TV show already with the dialogue and plotting, but this makes it even more so.

Writer Pat Shand mixes in the exposition well, with interesting cut aways to action that’s being explained and the team suiting up for battle. The enemy is interesting too as it’s some kind of underground punk scene gone wrong with vampires, werewolves and weird screaming girls who fire energy out of their mouths. It’s all fun and outlandish and interesting.

Take a look at the people around Robyn.

What works even better?

The structure of the issue is phenomenal. It opens with that woman who abuses the cat and we get a nice payoff of those actions from a one liner from Robyn. The pace of this is great too. There are no hard stops, but one long line of interesting elements and plot progression.

Okay, so what doesn’t work?

There’s one page near the end of the book that has three panels of the same cityscape. It appears the lights go out and the sound effect, “Kraaaak” is heard, but what the heck is happening? Confusing three panels.

That poor cat!

Is It Good?

This issue is a great for new and ongoing readers with plenty of action, great dialogue and phenomenal plotting. Why aren’t you reading this?


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