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Is It Good? Sundowners #4 Review

Last month’s excellent issue left multiple members of the Sundowners in fatal predicaments. This week we pick up where we left off with another action packed brawl and more information about the team’s true nemesis; is it good?

Sundowners #4 (Dark Horse Comics)


We open in the home of Andrea Bisch where she is still tied to her bed and Citizen is still mounted by, man-in-black, Brandon with a knife in his hand. (Clarity: The knife is in Brandon’s hand, but it’s through Citizen’s hand). We learn that Citizen is no push over and proceeds to take Brandon to pound town in an epic living room showdown which is promoted on the cover of this issue. This plot line is progressed later in this issue when Arcanika is freed and confronts Brandon herself.

Meanwhile, Crowlita is discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor by David Shrejic who rushes her to a hospital, thus persuading us to believe that he isn’t necessarily as shady as we’ve previously been led to believe. We also get to witness Karl in the home of Illuminatix who is able to shine some light, no pun intended, on what exactly she’s a part of. The Jubilant is some sort of organization which sounds like a cross between “Anonymous” from V for Vendetta and the League of Assassins from Batman. From what I got from Iluminatrix’s speech, they’re quasi-anti-government whose mission is to control balance in society and support the voices of the masses via religious awakenings in a cult-like structure. That’s the best way I can portray my understandings of The Jubilant.


It’s towards the end of the issue that things take a weird turn. Crowlita has a drug-induced vision while unconscious in the back of Shrejic’s car about the origin of the parasites she envisioned during her panic attack, the same creatures that consumed Mr. Outsider. These creatures are agents or catalysts to this jubilant religious sect. I’m still not completely sure of what I read and I’m interested in other theories as to how these creatures are connected to the Jubilant group.

There’s some definite emphasis on the religious and paranormal aspects of the series and it seems as though Seeley is suggesting that there’s some form of legitimacy to the Sundowners’ conspiracy. The role of Brandon and Andrea contributing to some holy scheme between the forces of good and evil is mentioned once again and acknowledged by both characters that seem to believe is whole heartedly. Along with Crowlita’s vision and the Illuminatix speech, Seeley has once again flip-flopped the reader’s opinion on the Sundowners’ sanity.

Is It Good?

This issue once again brings the high intensity scenes we saw last month, but also contributes a lot of answers subsequently handcuffed to a lot more questions. Things got really weird at the end and while it was entertaining to read, it didn’t help make sense of the current events. Still a solid issue that delivers more answers than we’re used to.


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