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Is It Good? Edward Scissorhands #2 Review

With an experiment on the loose, Edward must decide whether or not to risk going into town. Meanwhile, Megan continues bickering with her mother about the sanity of her grandmother while the clawed-robot makes its first encounter with the townsfolk, but is it good?

Edward Scissorhands #2 (IDW Publishing)

Well, I’ve basically summed up the entire issue already and it saddens me that it only took two sentences. The magic of seeing Edward alive on the pages of a comic has worn off and the storyline isn’t really there to support it. This issue feels like they had very little material to present and they stretched it out over twenty pages. And why does it feel like so little occurs? Because the title character only appears on four pages! The beauty of this series is the fact that Edward can now warm the hearts of a younger generation and new comic audience. That’s hard to do when you only appear in 13 panels (Yes, I counted.)

So while Edward stumbled around for the limited time he had, what else happened in the issue? Well Megan has yet another argument with her mother about Grandma Kim which ends similarly to the previous fight where her mother vaguely answers questions and walks away looking regretful. So Megan, being a teenager, decides to once again go against her mother’s wishes and pursues the myth of the man with scissor hands. As for the little robot, he doesn’t wreck too much havoc and has a run in with a dog and its owners.

I’m not a huge fan of the cartoonish artwork, but I believe it fits the style of the comic nicely. There is one panel though where the robot is watching a family devour their dinner and the mother’s eye is completely disconnected from her head (Like, it’s just hanging out there and is about to fall into her glass of wine any second). In the words of Hall and Oates, “I can’t go for that.” The one redeeming quality of the book is at the end where Edward and Megan meet and Edward innocently mistakes her for Kim. Hopefully this means next issue has the potential more spotlight on Edward.

Is It Good?

This issue lacks a strong storyline and it doesn’t feature enough Edward to make up for it. This issue is made up of a lot of fluff and not particularly worth $4. Let’s hope next issue is able to stir up some more magic.


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