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Is It Good? Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #4 Review

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #4 is full of surprises and revelations and the continued introduction of more and more players as the conflict rages on. Is it good?

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #4 (IDW Publishing)

Tom Scioli and John Barber pull a fast one right from the first page creating a chaotic and action-packed event which leads to an interesting look into Snake Eyes as he fights the demons within himself as well as Duke. Tom Scioli’s artwork portraying the inner battle within Snake Eyes is intriguing as the first image depicts him meditating and remembering voices from his past as both tell a different method of achieving a goal. On the subsequent page he illustrates a picture of Snake Eyes with Duke and Scarlett torn straight down the middle, cutting Snake Eyes in half. In just two short pages, Scioli is able to illustrate and characterize Snake Eyes as a conflicted individual with a brewing internal struggle.

The book moves onto a Halloween theme despite it coming out nearly a month after Halloween. Scioli’s artwork is really something to look at. The Oktober Guard is creepy but fearsome. In order to obtain this effect Scioli switches up his coloring, adding in a burnt orange background and instead of the orange and yellow he normally uses for gunfire, the Oktober Guard’s is pink and white giving it a ghastly effect. The Guard itself is also rather unique; one of the crew named Horrorshow was especially fearsome with a black breathing apparatus topped with a green top hat firing what appears to be a high-powered rifle from the center of his chest.

The action is non-stop when Scioli and Barber transition from battle to battle. However, it actually can be a tad confusing as there is no nod or tell letting the reader figure out that both the place of battle and players have changed. Scioli and Barber do try and alleviate this problem with a map of Cybertron displaying specific locations and characters.

The abundance of different events and stories taking place does not hamper Scioli and Barber’s ability to continue to surprise the reader. A fallen hero is not as dead as once believed and a mighty hero returns to keep old friends from tearing each other apart! Scioli and Barber are able to effectively keep an extremely high pace while also weaving together a number of intriguing stories.

Is It Good?

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #4 maintains an exciting pace with tons of action on every page as well as multiple story lines (which can be somewhat confusing). Tom Scioli’s artwork continues to shine not only in being unique but also having the ability to evoke the characters’ powerful emotions.


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