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Is It Good? Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1 Review

Angela finally gets her own ongoing series now that Marvel has introduced her over in Guardians of the Galaxy. The question remains: do we get answers as to her place in the Marvel Universe and of course… is it good?

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1 (Marvel Comics)

No, not really. Okay, so the book delivers in some regards, but this debut issue spends most of its time developing the plot to Angela’s new adventure. Angela is being chased into Limbo, a physical place like Hel and Heven of Asgard, as she carries a package she snatched from the pursuers. We meet her friend Sera and then are privy to an action sequence. This issue has the budding of a story that could show us how she fits in the Marvel U, but not much to it.

Un-Town isn’t very creative of a name guys.

Writer Kieron Gillen weaves a serviceable story as far as first issues go. Stakes are raised, Thor makes an appearance and Angela’s backstory and the theme that the debt gods collect no matter what is presented. That concept is interesting as it ties into gods in general; just think back to the stories of Greek gods in high school, which helps solidify her status in the pantheon of gods. The debt she collects is also interesting and should blow up the world of Asgardian gods. The issue spends most of its time showing off her amazing powers which is fun to look at, but as far as character Angela is lacking. It is neat however that her ribbons wag like a dogs tail when excited. Yes really.

There’s also some goblin creature that gets a bunch of time talking and asking questions. Sure he’s used as the everyman, as the audience isn’t aware of what’s going on, but really who is this character? It makes you confused and questioning what the hell they are even doing in the book.

Marguerite Bennett co-writes the flashback sequence which helps a great deal giving the story weight. This story is given a magical appearance by Stephanie Hans which helps add to the storybook feel. This makes it read more like lore and heighten the importance. The main story is drawn by Phil Jimenez and it looks phenomenal. It’s the glossy detailed look you’d expect from, frankly, Todd McFarlane. The action is tense and suspenseful due to his great work.

Nice name.

Is It Good?

This is a disappointing entry into what could be a great series. The art is strong, but who is this Angela lady, really? I still don’t know.


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