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Is It Good? Gotham Academy #3 Review

This has been a rather fun and different kind of series from DC so far. The setting, the type of story, the focus, the characters, the artwork… all really come together to make quite a unique comic. After that last cliffhanger, I’m hoping to see some more interesting developments and surprises with the newest issue. Is it good?

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Gotham Academy #3 (DC Comics)

The ghost sightings are starting to increase and lots of the students are wondering what the hell is exactly going on at their school. Olive Silverlock is getting rather curious about what is going on herself and gets roped into a ghost hunt with Pomeline and Maps. Can they figure out what is causing all of this?

Also, I got a lot of multiple burns all over my body, but that’s it really.

I would say that this is another solid issue of the series. The story finally seems like it’s getting going, heading into a fairly interesting direction that makes you rather curious about where the comic is headed (especially that cool cliffhanger at the end). The subplots in the comic also continue to move forward, with a mysterious figure and Olive’s past. However, the downside to one of these subplots is that we accidentally got spoiled on something in another book. If you read the recent issue of Arkham Manor, there was a minor scene in that pretty much spoiled the secret about Olive and her mother, explaining why Olive acts the way she does. Still, now that the comic has moved past the setup phase, things are really looking up in the story department I must say.

The writing is still enjoyable. The pacing and story structure are good (with the exception of one random transition) and keep the story moving at a good speed. The characterization feels a lot stronger for this issue, really diving more into Olive’s character and her problems. The same goes with the supporting and side characters, really developing more with each scene they appear in (it’s slow going in their development, but they’re starting to feel like they have more dimensions to them). The dialogue and narration are solid, having a lot of good and rather amusing lines throughout the book; Maps easily steals a lot of the scenes she is in because of that. There’s some decent drama and emotion in the book that is handled rather well and maturely. Ultimately, I would still say that it’s still very much for a younger audience given the type of drama and characters we are seeing, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for the people who can get into it.

The artwork looks pretty solid as well. The characters are well drawn and extremely expressive in their faces and bodies. The layouts are well handled, flowing easily from one another and there’s some nice looking imagery to it. However, what is most noticeable about the art is the coloring. We have a change up in the coloring team with Geyser, Msassyn, and Serge Lapointe. The coloring is different from McCaig’s work on previous issues, but to their credit, it’s just close enough that you can’t really tell all that much and if you were to read the issues back to back you probably wouldn’t even notice. The coloring on the book is very nice at building a mood and setting the right tone for each scene, helping you feel the emotion and/or tension in each scene. It’s great stuff and I wouldn’t mind with getting to see their coloring more in the future.

Is It Good?

Gotham Academy #3 is another fun and well done issue of the series. Now that story seems to be underway, things have picked up quite a bit and I’m more curious than ever about what will be happening. Hopefully, the remaining issue for this arc will continue heating things up in the right ways.

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