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Is It Good? Grayson #5 Review

Grayson has been one roller-coaster of a ride. Each issue has been a joy to read, no matter how serious, fun or wild the tone.

After an issue of fanservice for the ladies and lots of laughs, it looks like things are about to get serious again in the fifth issue. Is it good?

Grayson #5 (DC Comics)


Dick, Helena, and Midnighter find themselves stranded in a seemingly endless desert. The plane they were on crashed, the woman Dick and Helena were escorting has died, and now the three are left with the woman’s baby and a 200 mile walk to the nearest town. Their chances of survival aren’t looking good…

This is going to be one long walk.

This issue goes by in a flash in comparison to previous issues but still delivers on a really gripping tale of survival. We see all three characters’ internal and external conflicts as they attempt to traverse this vast desert and it’s great stuff and reveals plenty about each character and their beliefs. Plus, it also continues a couple of different storylines and subplots that have been running for a while in the background, while also possibly laying down some groundwork for later. It’s a very well told tale and easily had my attention from beginning to end.

As I said, Grayson #5 is a very character-focused issue. We see the discrepancies in each’s demeanor: Midnighter constantly tries to remain a tough guy and realist throughout, trying to psych out the other characters and show why he is destined to have the strongest possibility of surviving. Then you have Dick Grayson trying to remain strong, with a heavy conscience on making it solely so the baby can survive, and pretty much staying determined and optimistic despite all odds. The confrontations and clashes in ideals between the two throughout the book are excellent. The only one who doesn’t get much development is Helena, although she does still have a few nice moments.


The writing by Tom King and Tim Seeley remains strong as ever. The storytelling is solid, each scene transitioning wonderfully from one to the next; the dialogue is excellent; and though the mood and tone throughout the book is very somber given the situation, the writers draw you in and really make you feel the characters’ struggles. It does always feel like a hopeless situation, but the characters will keep on going forward despite it. The ending is a bit abrupt, but all in all just another fantastic issue on the writing side.

The art by Mikel Janin is no slouch either. One of the best things about Janin’s artwork is that he does an amazing job at making the desert that characters are traveling through feel vast and endless. With combinations of the double page spreads, precise angles, and wide shots — you truly get a feel for the location and why Midnighter constantly believes they’ll die out there. Then there are the usual great facets of the art: how detailed and striking the characters look, the great coloring, and the solid layouts. Honestly, it’s great like you would expect.


Is It Good?

Grayson #5 is another terrific issue, further cementing this comic as one of the best DC Comics has to offer. The story, writing, and character work remain some of the best I have ever seen in superheroes this year. Then you add in the amazing artwork that only enhances the story and drama even better and well, there you have it. Grayson is truly one of the best comics of 2014 by a longshot and I hope to see it continue this trend of quality into the upcoming year. Highly recommended and worth every penny.


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