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Is It Good? Copperhead #4 Review

The investigation of a murder outside the mining town of Copperhead has turned into something much more complex and sinister. Sheriff Bronson and her partner Boo continue seeking out the truth in the series’ fourth installment. Is it good?

Copperhead #4 (Image Comics)


The issue begins with Benjamin Hickory, AKA the Boss Hog of Copperhead, getting told off by Bronson. It’s a wonderfully cathartic moment, but not nearly as delicious as what happens when he tries to call one of the sheriff’s old coworkers. The exchange is not only hilarious, but also gives us an interesting look into Clara’s past.

Meanwhile, Boo reveals that Clara’s son Zeke, might know more about the case than he’s letting on. This gives us new insight on a couple of fronts:

– We learn a bit more about the ‘arties’, specifically Ishmael.

– Despite an obvious love between them, the stress of Clara’s job and Zeke’s idealistic nature continues to strain their mother-son bond.


As Bronson and her partner take separate paths on the investigation, Boo ends up happening upon a prime suspect. This leads to a kick ass chase scene which also parallels one of his more traumatic experiences from the war.

Clara, on the other hand, manages to sneak up on her prey and gain the upper hand.

Is It Good?

There was a lot to like about this issue. The obvious stand out is the Boo chase scene being juxtaposed with a memory from his days as a soldier on the front lines of a losing war. Scott Godlewski’s pencils and Ron Riley’s colors give us one hell of an action sequence while also providing a strong narrative.

But for me, a close second had to be the scenes with Hickory getting chewed out. It’s not like showing powerful people getting embarrassed is a new idea in the realm of fiction, but Jay Feaber does it in a way that’s both strikingly observational and hilarious.

The only quibble I had with this issue was that Boo’s motivation for showing up where he did before the chase isn’t very clear. Maybe I completely missed something before, but it seemed a bit too random/convenient, especially in a series that has woven its plots and characters so well.

But that’s about it. Otherwise, Copperhead shows no signs of slowing down or riding the coat tails of its Breakout Hit Honeymoon. The story, characters, and universe in which the series resides continues to get more interesting and enjoyable with every issue.


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