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Is It Good? Deep State #2 Review

Mulder and Scully Brand and Harrow continue chasing down answers about something that crashed to earth in a Russian space craft.

Is it good?

Deep State #2 (BOOM! Studios)


After a brief reminder that the aliens from the moon are up to no good, we see Branch and Harrow investigating the house that is closest to the crash site.

Meanwhile, a local sheriff gets angry about the Feds coming in and taking over part of his town. After storming off to grumble about over-used tropes, he’s confronted by a swarm of zombified locals who have come in contact with the alien visitor.

Back at the ground zero house, Brand and Harrow find the homeowner in a state that makes what happened to Ray Liotta in Hannibal seem humane. In case you’re too squeamish to watch the link, just know that the poor dude in this comic is still alive, too…

…well he was, anyway. The issue ends with Harrow shooting him before Brand can get any information from their mutilated source.

Is It Good?

Yikes. This comic is all over the place in every way imaginable.

On one hand, I absolutely love the dialogue and dynamic that Justin Jordan is writing between Brand and Harrow. Despite my little X-Files jab at the beginning of the review, it really is a unique and fun pairing.
Unfortunately, this series still hasn’t broken out of the typical ‘alien conspiracy’ mold. Disgruntled sheriff who’s angry about the Feds moving in on his turf, highly intelligent extraterrestrial life going after people inside a small town…there are even zombies for goodness sake!

“It’s just my allergies, officer. Not a result of marijuana use or a HUNGER FOR YOUR BRAINS!”

About the only thing truly mysterious at this point is what the heck happened at the end of the issue.

The quality of art also mirrors the writing. On some pages, Ariela Kristantina’s pencils are breathtaking, especially when gore is involved. Others (the talking heads in particular) look comparatively rushed. None of it is bad, but there’s a clear quality disparity from page to page.

It makes this comic very hard to judge because there is so much to like and so much to be wary of. Is it good? I honestly don’t know yet. Will I be back next month to keep finding out? Hell yes.


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