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Is It Good? Sinergy #2 Review

Jess has gained the ability to see the monsters for what they are, but how will she use her new powers and what will become of her relationship with Leaf? More importantly is it good?

Sinergy #2 (Image Comics)

Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma open the issue with a very odd and bland dialogue between two police officers. The conversation between the two ends with an attempt at making a joke, but falls absolutely flat.

The next sequences focus on exploring the choices in front of Jess and the decision she will have to make. The dialogue between Jess and her mother as well as her own thoughts reveal a typical young teenager who faces large life choices with no real idea on how she will decide. Her being a typical teenager is also revealed in her conversation with her friend about Leaf and how she should go about dealing with their relationship (or lack thereof). Oeming illustrates this with the constant use of a cell phone in her hand, not to mention the selfies! It is clear Taki Soma and Oeming are positioning Jess to be a normal teenager with both normal and extraordinary problems.

Speaking of extraordinary problems, the brunt of this issue is focused on Jess’ first monster hunt with her Dad. The dialogue by Jess is very typical of what any parent or brother remembers or is currently experiencing with a young teenage daughter or sister. However, the conservation between her and her Dad is disjointed and they are talking over each other, not really listening to what the other is saying. The ensuing action sequence is also disjointed. Fry and Jess’ Dad jump two monsters, each taking on one. However, in the following panel the two monsters have somehow magically ganged up on Jess’ Dad. The end of the sequence also does not fit into the sequence of the battle. Somehow after crippling one of their attackers, the monsters decide to flee the scene rather than finishing off the injured attacker.

The issue ends much like the first issue, focusing on the monsters and their plans. Oeming and Soma reinforce the threat of the monsters, but more importantly create just a tad bit of doubt as to whether or not all of the monsters are really evil.

Is It Good?

Sinergy #2 leaves out the humor of the opening of the first book, but does a good job of portraying Jess as a very average teenager with normal problems that arise in her daily life from boys to large life-changing decisions. The voice of Jess reinforces the idea of her being an average teenager and kept the book lively. However, the dialogue with her parents was disjointed and whether it was her Dad or her Mom, neither seemed to be having a conversation with her and rather talked at her.


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