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Is It Good? Southern Bastards #6 Review

Southern Bastards number six hits you like a sack of bricks. Admittedly, it’s very football-centric, but I still managed to enjoy it, despite having no interest in football whatsoever. Y’all wanna read what tragedy is? Is it good, Southern Bastards, issue number six.

Southern Bastards #6 (Image Comics)

We follow a young Euless Boss, as he busts his ass to make the football team. Boss is of course the resident baddie of Craw County. Yet, when he was a youngin’, he was merely poor and yearnin’ to play him some football, hoorah. And of course, since it’s Southern Bastards, we watch someone try with all their might, and then have something s----y befall ’em. It’s powerful s--t, even if you don’t like football, which I really don’t. As usual, Jason Aaron keeps it bleak and brutal, and the pacing hammers you like a cranked out hooker for more crank in the parking lot of a Denny’s, and you told her to stop hitting you, but she just won’t… it hammers you like a hammer.

Jason Latour makes you feel every punch and kick to the gut, as well as all the other injuries in this ish. There are a lot of hits to the gut by the way. Things are gritty, and then they flip over to figgity-f----d the f--k up. And there’s some football.

Is It Good?

Yeah, it somehow kept my attention despite being about a sport I don’t give a s--t about. It gives you a glimpse into the backstory of a complex man, a view into the head of what is presumably the villain of this drama. That said, it is mostly about football, and yes it is set in the south, but a whole issue focusing primarily on football is obviously not for everyone. As stated, it is still entertaining even if you don’t like the pigskin, and it gives us a tantalizing glimpse into a man who runs Craw County with a grid-iron fist.


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