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Is It Good? 13 Coins #3 Review

John Pozner has been brought into the world of The Sons of Noah and The Fallen’s political machinations continue. Is It Good?

13 Coins #3 (Titan Comics)


Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson start off 13 Coins #3 with Manny Hernandez. The scene begins perfectly innocent, but quickly devolves into a “what the f…” moment. However, this scene still does not provide any background on who Manny is or why he is important to the story. It is hard to invest oneself in a character when one has literally no idea who he is after three issues!

Meanwhile, Pozner has been taken to the Sons of Noah (SON) hideout and is quickly introduced to the team. One of the more interesting plot developments in this issue is the introduction of the Nephilim gene. The gene marks carriers as descendants of angels, but also increases the physical prowess of the carrier. However, much of the sequence involving Pozner and the SON members provides a recap of the history and prophecy from the first issue. The dialogue between the members does not seem genuine, but rather clunky and awkward.


Once Brennan and Jackson switch to a focus on The Fallen, the story becomes much more interesting. A new face of The Fallen is revealed. The villain is not very well developed and only a surface level notion that he is evil is conveyed. He does appeal to his target’s ambitions and may have a modicum of talent in negotiation and deal-making. However, from Simon Bisley’s depiction of this new villain in the last panel of the sequence his threat comes off as weak. The primary reasoning for this is the diminutive nature and overall look of the villain. He looks more like an 85 year old woman with sharp teeth who should be in a nursing home rather than a fearsome member of The Fallen.

Bisley uses an interesting placement of one of the female members of The SON’s lower extremities in two ensuing panels. In the first the reader has a close-up of her butt, which for some reason has a very large indentation between her cheeks, while the second panel switches up the point of view and displays a very prominent camel toe. The worst part of the second panel is David Wither’s placement of the speech bubble coming straight out of the woman’s crotch. Could his taste get any poorer?


This issue does have quite a number of interesting developments including the continued political machinations of The Fallen to expand their power and capabilities on Earth, as well as some intriguing developments regarding Pozner that hopefully Brennan and Jackson explore in ensuing issues.

Is It Good?

The first half of the book starts off a bit slow and rehashes much of the background and history of the first issue. The second half of the book is a lot more interesting with The Fallen’s political intrigue and Pozner’s training sessions with The SON. Bisley’s artwork is grisly, but there are a few panels that are just in utter poor taste especially in combination with the lettering.


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