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Is It Good? Devilers #5 Review

It’s been over two months, but the Devilers are finally back in the series’ 5th issue.

The team’s rendezvous in hell and chit chat with the big man is over and they’re back to the surface world where, literally, all hell is breaking loose. Is it too late to keep the demons at bay? Will Patel’s satanic secret be revealed? And of course, is it good?

The Devilers #5 (Dynamite Entertainment)


In this issue we continue with the backstory trend, this time featuring Deviler member: Chun-Bai whose label indicates she can “reshape nature.” Her backstory details her experience growing up with her powers (powers being the blue electricity/energy waves that shoot out of her and blow things up) and later even the origin of her power. She’s by far the most powerful person on the team which plays an integral part in the current storyline. Speaking of present day, the team has now been fighting off demons and the possessed for weeks, but haven’t made a dent in demon’s numbers. The issue takes place in a remote location which seems to be acting as a headquarters for the crew as they plan their next move.

Fialkov’s writing is actually quite amusing in this one and as serious as this issue is in discussing possessed souls, satan hiding amongst the team, and the cleansing of humanity by wiping everyone out, this issue incorporates a lot of humor. This is something Fialkov has been working on accomplishing in every issue to dial back the grim storyline, but it really shines in this comic. You can definitely tell that the series is winding down, now having only two issues remaining. Some major developments have been revealed and a potential “out” for the team is on the plate in case they truly can’t stop the demonic hordes. Things are getting more intense and this issue ends on one of the biggest cliff hangers we’ve seen yet.

Layout 1

While the writing is excellent in the issue, Triano still has his weak moments with the art. While the majority of the panels are well detailed and shaded, there are some that feature bizarrely distorted proportions. For example, the first time you see Chun-Bai she looks like a Brat doll because her head is abnormally large (Do they still have Brat dolls? I feel like those Monster High dolls are all the new jazz. Regardless, the art sometimes looks odd). While he still struggles with faces at times, Triano really shines when featuring Bai’s powers and their effects.

Is It Good?

This comic continues to get better each month as it now begins to wrap things up and prepare for what should be a pretty epic finale. While the backstory featured isn’t the most enthralling, its significance sets the stage for an action-packed issue six. It’s impossible at this point to not finish out the series.


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