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Is It Good? TMNT/Ghostbusters #3 Review

The Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters are back to solve some interdimensional ghostly shenanigans. Is it good?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #3 (IDW Publishing)


The combined teams charge into to face off with Chi-You, which ends with a few surprising (and very predictable) results:

  • Lots of banter, most of it genuinely funny.
  • A bit of slapstick humor, most of it genuinely funny.
  • Finding out that Chi-You can be hurt by the proton packs.
  • Discovering that Casey is fighting Chi-You’s control surprisingly well.
  • A revelation about how to defeat Chi-You and rescue Casey.

After the two sides regroup, another massive fight ensues, this time with a lot more action (and beautiful visuals by artist Dan Schoening and coloring by Luis Antonio Delgado).

By the end of the fight, we’re pretty much back to where we started, except now Chi-You is REALLY, REALLY mad (as opposed to just being REALLY mad) and the Turtles have pledged to stay in the Ghostbusters’ dimension until he is defeated.

Is It Good?

That all depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want a mind blowing, complex plot that completely shifts both franchise’s paradigms and makes you see the world in a completely different manner, then this book definitely isn’t for you. Despite the fantastic elements, the narrative is about as bland and predictable it gets.

But to writer Erik Burnham’s credit, he absolutely nails the potential for fun and conflict that fans of both franchises hoped would arise after the two teams met. The dialogue and interactions between this large cast of characters are where the real joy in TMNT/Ghostbusters can be found…along with the artwork, of course.

Not only are Schoening’s pencils kinetic and narratively clear, but Delgado’s colors are out of this world. Even the dialogue pages are eye-poppingly lush. Once you add in ghostly spirits and proton streams, it’s pure psychedelic beauty.

All in all, the worst this series will end up being is a very fun and enjoyable diversion for both franchise’s fans. When it comes to crossovers (which are typically terrible), that’s a commendable success.


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