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Is It Good? Resurrectionists #2 Review

The story is churning ahead by leaps and bounds and it is only the second issue! Is it good?

Resurrectionists #2 (Dark Horse Comics)


Resurrectionists #2 starts off right where the first one left off – with Jericho Way meeting Quinn. The interaction between the two is awkwardly romantic. The way Maurizio Rosenzweig captures the romance is through their eyes. If there was ever love at first sight, Jericho Way’s eyes capture it. The second page also complements Fred Van Lente’s writing depicting multiple people from different time periods finding each other and knowing they are their soul mate.

Van Lente’s writing captures everyday conversation perfectly. Hell, he even drops a John Fogerty lyric in a smooth line on his way to asking the girl out. There is a minor hiccup after he has closed the deal where the word “wait” was left out, although it could be a slick reference to his past life, which at this point he is still unaware of. If so, it’s a nice Easter egg; if not, it’s a little sloppy.


This second issue takes the reader once again back to ancient Egypt inside the labyrinth of ancient burial grounds. Moreno Dinisio’s colors, especially his use of light and shadowing within the tombs, create an ominous feeling knowing danger or even death could be in the next panel. The multiple hues of yellow help build this suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see whether they will find treasure or death. The deaths may take a number of common forms (unfortunately) typical to an ancient booby-trapped Egyptian tomb.

One of the highlights from the previous issue was the focus on the loot the thieves were after; this continues, but is pared down without any background explanation as there was for The Book of the Dead. It is unfortunate because the Amulet of Isis is begging for a back story.


The biggest revelation in the entire story is exactly what the Resurrectionists do. Yes, you might have gathered they rob the graves of wealthy ancient Egyptians, but they also serve a more ruthless and final purpose which adds a second level of intensity to the story. There is also a focus on revenge and an intervention to a god seeking assistance in obtaining it.

The final quarter of the book is where Van Lente and Rosenzweig really push the plot forward, both with the actions of the Scout and the revelations of Quinn’s thoughts unveiling the villain as she meets with his present-self.

Is It Good?

Resurrectionists #2 continues where the first one left off providing an intriguing tale of thievery intermixed with characters who have a very prolonged history with each other despite not fully comprehending the magnitude of their history yet. This second issue also adds a number of new layers to the story from the actual purpose of the Resurrectionists to pleas to the gods for vengeance. The issue did cut back on the descriptions of the treasure and there were some perceived minor hiccups with the writing. If you have not looked into this book yet, it is definitely recommended. It has an excellent blend of action, suspense, romance, and drama.


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