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Is It Good? Resurrectionists #3 Review

It’s only been a month since the last book, so I could not wait to see what Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig had in store this month, and I was not disappointed. This may be the best installment yet, combining the exciting action sequences from the first book with the continued big-picture look of who the Resurrectionists are and what they do.

Resurrectionists #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Van Lente and Rosenzweig begin Dark Horse Comics’ Resurrectionists #3 with what they have been hinting at in the past two issues: a brand new timeline of lives to explore. Rosenzweig provides a seamless flow connecting the present with the new timeline. The scene gives off a vibe of history repeating itself, putting the panels side by side with the past on the left and the present on the right and then with a large panel at the bottom bringing the two together, combining their experiences. The only drawback is the lack of time spent on this new life! It is rich and fascinating and hopefully will get some more time in upcoming issues.

Contrasting the very straight-forward panel comparison of The Maker’s experience, Rosenzweig creates a dynamic panel experience with panels going everywhere on the page from upside down to sideways to depict The Scout’s action sequence. Oh, did I mention The Scout channels an acrobatic version of Annie Oakley, complete with dueling six-shooters? Moreno Dinisio uses dark blues and purples in the background and on the “bad guys,” but really captures your eyes with an orange Scout highlighted in yellow, providing an excellent contrast to the blues. The colors make The Scout “pop” off the page.

Complementing Rosenzweig’s artwork is Van Lente’s writing as he begins connecting the myriad of characters together both in the present and in ancient Egypt all while delving more into who the Resurrectionists are. The knowledge of who the Resurrectionists are is especially important based on how Van Lente and Rosenzweig have decided to tell the narrative: parts in the past and parts in the present. It is focused more on the adventure of how they have gotten to where they are and who they are as individual characters. Choices have been made to lead them to the present and it is a journey worth exploring. Making the journey even more intriguing, Van Lente drops past adventures The Scout and The Maker embarked upon which continues to both enrich the character’s relationship with each other as well as provide the sense of a full and vibrant world.

Speaking of character relationships, Van Lente and Rosenzweig weave a complicated web in how they all connect to each other which was a pleasant surprise and leaves much to look forward to in the upcoming issues.

Is It Good?

Resurrectionists #3 is the best installment yet from Van Lente, Rosenzweig, and Dinisio. Rosenzweig’s artwork is truly wonderful to look at especially the action sequence with The Scout and his panel layout during the sequence. Dinisio’s colors provide clear contrasts both within specific panels, but also between the past and the present. I highly enjoyed the almost god-like yellow when The Scout sees The Maker and vice versa once Tao has been unlocked. Van Lente provides intriguing dialogue dropping just enough to keep you wanting more while also developing characters and creating a rich world.


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