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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #41 Review

Batman Eternal finally seems to be getting closer to the events from last year’s Batman #28 and we have the super talented and special artist, Joe Quinones, taking a shot at drawing the book.

Is it good?

Batman Eternal #41 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: Kyle Higgins
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley and James Tynion IV
Artist: Joe Quinones


Red Robin and Harper Row have been tracking the Nano-Virus infected children, who have recently been stealing supplies to build something rather big. The two of them track the kids down to the warehouse and realize the person behind the Nano-virus outbreak is inside. After calling in support from Batgirl and Red Hood, Red Robin heads inside to break things up while Harper is left outside.

Spoiler Corner:

Spoiler is hanging out a rooftop relaxing when she is confronted by a strange, armored man. She fights him a bit, thinking he’s another one of those assassins who have been trying to kill her. However, he claims he’s actually there to help and that his boss wants to protect her. Her momentary confusion from that statement allows the guy to get the drop on her and he knocks her out.

Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl storm the building and fight the infected kids. During the tussle, Red Robin discovers the Mad Hatter is responsible for this particular mess (though not the big guy in charge). However, Harper Row realizes the whole thing is a trap and tries to warn the three, though she’s unable to get through as their com-links have been disrupted.

The Mad Hatter hits a button on a remote control and suddenly the Nano-Virus attacks the three heroes and infects them. Horrified, Harper Row is forced to flee back to her home and there, she reaches a decision: after everything that has happened, she dons her own costume (probably got it back in Japan) and heads to fight back, taking on the identity of Bluebird.


Again, with this issue we take another step ever closer to catching up with the events in Batman #28.

That’s good, because this issue was surprisingly uneventful for the most part. Only three things were learned and not a lot else (heck, we only focused on two separate storylines this time around). Kind of weird since we are getting closer and closer to the end. On the plus side, the writing was pretty good overall (though Batgirl seemed to be in a bad mood for some odd reason) and the artwork by Quinones was quite lovely to look at. I don’t believe he’ll be drawing anymore of the issues, but at least we got this one.

Best Moment:

Someone must have woke up Batgirl when she was sleeping; she’s in a rather grouchy mood.


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