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Is It Good? Spider-Verse #2 Review

Spider-Verse is back in all its short story, multi-artist, multi-writer glory! Why is this little series so great? Partially because there’s no telling what sort of Spider-Man you’re going to get, if they’ll even make it out alive by the end, or how it’ll tie into the main event. So far it’s been a pleasure to read and see what sorts of Spider-Man characters, and from what genres, Marvel pulls out…so, is it good?

Spider-Verse #2 (Marvel Comics)

This issue contains five stories (six if you count the English and Spanish story separately) with only two having any obvious meaning on the event and the other four being just plain fun. All in all this is a great little issue that should find fans of all shapes and sizes. Younger readers can scope out some neat versions of Spider-Man while those of you following the event should find the Punk Spider-Man the most important of the stories. Let’s break them down, shall we?

The first story is a take on a Spider-Man who is also a video game of Earth 30847. It’s a cleverly done one page story written by Dan Slott. Clearly Slott is getting to have all the fun with the niche Spider-Man characters as he did a short last issue focused on the newspaper strip Spider-Man. An Inheritor makes an appearance and it works at delivering a laugh.

Neat costume!

The second focuses on Anansi and Spider-Man UK recruiting him. His power is to tell stories and he’s from Africa. It has a sense of humor in a fun Disney movie sort of way. The strength of this story is the art by David Lafuente which reminds me of Chris Bachalo’s work. It’s cartoony and angular but still rigid and tight.

The third story is focused on Earth 138 where Punk Spider-Man resides. We get to see Spider-Man use a guitar to take on an army of symbiotes, one of which is the President! Hell, there’s even a dog symbiote! This story is incredibly well drawn with a Tank Girl vibe in its eclectic lines and chaotic colors. Artist Sheldon Vella owns the art and the story is pretty interesting in how it ties music into beating the symbiotes.

The fourth story is told in Spanish (although the digital version has it in English too) about a Spanish speaking Spider-Man. The costume is pretty cool, rendered in a style reminiscent of Humberto Ramos. The color work reminds me of a cartoon which goes along with the age of the Spider-Man here. This story doesn’t seem to connect to the main event in any way, but it’s a nice Spanish take on Spider-Man.

Cute, even the movie characters (and actors) are weaved in.

The last story is written by Slott and takes place on Earth 001 aka Loomworld aka the Inheritor home dimension. The story is a quick three page affair taking place during the “final battle between the Inheritors and Spider-Army.” A preview of sorts for the big event coming in the summer! The art is very cartoony and really the story is lighter than you’d expect considering the situation. It focuses on two Spider-Men who run out of web fluid at the same time. They have a brief conversation trying to figure out how they are different and it’s only at the last second does the reader realize they do have differences even though they are minor. It’s a light story that serves as a reminder that no matter how similar these Spider-Man characters are they still are real Spider-Man heroes who can’t be thrown away.

Very sick art for the Punk Spider-Man story!

Is It Good?

An enjoyable issue with its weakest story still serving up some incredible art. A really great read for anyone even if you aren’t reading the Spider-Verse event.


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