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Is It Good? New Suicide Squad #6 Review

After an extremely disappointing opening to the second story arc, the team engages in a destroy-all brawl with a pack of half-formed, lab created meta-humans.

Rob Hunter is now backed with two other artists (Rapmund and Cifuentes) to avoid last issue’s notably bad artwork. Can both the creative team and Suicide Squad overcome their shortcomings and get back on track? Will this issue be good?

New Suicide Squad #6 (DC Comics)


*Sigh* Something has gone terribly wrong with this series (AGAIN). However this time it only took five issues before things fell apart. This issue chronicles the squad’s fight with the mutants as well as a superfluous Waller conversation and more of Sage whining.

There are really only two important things we can come away with from this issue. The first is that Sage has been approached by a figure who boasts he has an out for Vic and dealing with the government. The man gives him his card labeled: “The Pearl Group: Your White Knights.” I don’t recognize this as any reference to earlier DC works, but it could be. The second important thing pertains to the current storyline and the fact that one meta-human survives the Squad and is now gunning for them (And honestly I hope this guy destroys the entire Squad because at least that would be entertaining).

There’s something terribly cow-like about Harley’s face

When I was in 6th grade, my friend and I made something that we passed off as a comic. While it contained a decent amount of action, the sequences weren’t as exciting as they were built up to be, the art looked (appropriately) like it was drawn by elementary schoolers and the exchanges between characters were unnatural and discordant. This issue is very reminiscent of that old comic I have buried away at my parent’s house. While the two new artists do make a difference in the quality of the art, you can still always spot Hunter’s work.

Wait… if Manta fired the shot in front of Capt. Boomerang, how did he end up behind him on top of the mutant’s body?

But the most disappointing aspect of the comic is the writing itself. I like Sean Ryan and he’s given us a lot of good story lines, but it’s obvious he doesn’t have his heart in this immediate story arc because it sounds like it was written in half an hour. It feels like they tried stretching an issue that could be covered in 5 pages into 20. Ryan throws in another tantrum by Sage, a two-page spread of just an explosion and (what irked me the most) a conversation between Waller and her assistant Bonnie which has no significance whatsoever, unless Waller’s decision to have pulled pork over a salad implies she’s going to balloon back up to her pre-new 52 weight which would have the internet celebrating (there’s definitely a dedicated fan base which won’t rest until Amanda Waller is fat again).

Is It Good?

I’ve tried sticking up for the Suicide Squad for a while, but I can’t anymore. Between both the art and writing this story arc is a train wreck. Unless I happen to have an unusually large amount of spending money next month, it’s going to be hard to pick up the next issue.


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