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Is It Good? Futures End #38 Review

Last issue was a rather slow and almost uneventful break in the action that I found to be rather disappointing. However, Futures End has proven to be a series full of ups and downs throughout its life, so maybe things will quickly turn around in this issue. Let’s find out together!

Futures End #38 (DC Comics)

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andy McDonald


The Brother Eye Robot made of Joker & Batman has found Batman Beyond, modern Batman, Tim Drake, and Plastique. The machine thing attacks them again and they all run for cover, trying to fight it off. Once they have some cover, Batman Beyond reveals to Batman and the former Red Robin about being from the future and such. He knows the machine is only after him, so he sends the three to Terrific Tech to put a stop to the modern day Brother Eye, while he leads the machine away from them.

Spoiler Corner

In Metropolis, Dr. Solaris is crushing Stormguard with his magnetic abilities when Masked Superman shows up. He beats down the robot, telling him he wasn’t the only person who lost somebody in the war. However, before he could do any real damage, Firestorm shows up as well and says she needs him. She convinces Solaris that she believes in what he says and strikes a bargain with him. If he helps free herself from the Firestorm body, she’ll get the League to hand over their teleporter technology to the world.

Cash Cole, Lana Lang, and Fifty Sue are now in the Sahara Desert with Cadmus’s big vault after being teleported there. They aren’t sure what to do now, considering Cadmus will probably be hunting them down to get the vault back. Lana decides to have Fifty Sue teleport and hide the vault somewhere, unable to have the vault fully destroyed.

Somewhere in the mountain of Romania, Amethyst is bringing Frankenstein back to the castle where he was born. Hopefully, there will be some information there that can save him. However, once the two arrive, they discover not only a group of monsters, but also Frankenstein’s own father.


Overall, I would say that this was a decent issue. We made some decent enough progress with a few storylines. Not a whole lot mind you, but enough to say the story did go somewhere at least. The writing and characterization were as you would expect. Probably the best scene would be with Cash, Lana, and Sue, since their dynamic together is pretty great and enjoyable to read (such a far cry from the past I got to say). The artwork this time was handled by Andy McDonald and he delivers a rather mixed bag. Some of the storytelling is weak, since the story can randomly jump ahead at points, and the characters tend to look off a lot of the time (it honestly felt like the artwork got worse as the issue went on). The flip side is the action was solid and some of the sketchier line work looked good in areas.

Most Memorable Moment

Well I’m glad everyone believes him about being from the future. To be fair, time travel is pretty much a proven thing after all.


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