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Is It Good? Wolverines #3 Review

The first issue of Wolverines got off to a rocky start and the second issue was pretty slow (there were some good moments, just not much happening). However, the third issue promises a brand new character, so let’s see if she’s the vital ingredient for this title’s success.

Is it good?

Wolverines #3 (Marvel Comics)


Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Juan Doe


In Los Angeles, we’re introduced to super thief Fantomelle and her sidekick/pet fox Culpepper as they perform their latest heist. Her mission: steal one of the Punisher’s shirts.

Spoiler Corner:

The thieving duo formulates a plot to steal the shirt off Punisher’s back, making him imagine that it is on fire by way of some sort of illusion, which causes him to yank it off. Unfortunately, the trick doesn’t work on him and he catches the two in his hideout. After a fierce struggle, Culpepper manages to gank the red colored Punisher shirt that Frank had during his stay with the Thunderbolts and the duo quickly take off with the spoils.

Back in Spain, Fantomelle meets up with her fence (an individual who knowingly buys stolen property with hopes to resell, not an actual barrier used to prevent entrance) at her penthouse apartment, who she sells the shirt off to. During the selling, her boyfriend (someone from Weapon X who escaped with her) comes to talk to her about her thieving. Once the fence leaves, the couple talk a bit about their lives, discussing their future options and possible alternatives so that Fantomelle doesn’t need to keep on stealing.

During their conversation, a strange monster thing named Siphon appears and attacks Fantomelle and her boyfriend, wanting to steal their healing factors. Her boyfriend steps up to fight, but the creatures tosses him out the window to his death. Just before he can attack, Siphon’s hands are blasted off by X-23, who has arrived with the rest of the gang.


For an introductory issue to a new character, Wolverines #3 does a fairly decent job of it. The issue establishes Fantomelle’s skills and how she works, her personality and beliefs, and even some of her past. Sure, she feels a bit similar to Fantomex and all, but she’s not bad and shows some potential depending on how the writers want to use her from here on out. Other than that, there’s not much going on in the story outside of her introduction.

The writing and artwork are both fine, but flawed in areas. The writing is good with the pacing, dialogue, and characterization though the conversation between Fantomelle and her boyfriend feels off at points regarding how the characters discuss their life. The artwork has a very nice style going for it — especially with how the characters and action are depicted, plus the layouts are pretty good. However, the coloring is troublesome with how overly blurry, strangely faded out in areas, and sometimes oversaturated with certain colors it is.

Most Memorable Moment:

Yeah… shotgun pellets caused those marks. Not teeth at all!


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