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Is It Good? Sundowners #6 Review

In this finale to the series’ first story arc, the Sundowners finally come face to face with the illuminated in attempts to save Karl and put an end to Illuminatrix and her paranormal followers.

In a story that ends with death, repudiation, and sudden series-changing realizations, will this issue stand up to the hype or fall short? Is it good?

Sundowners #6 (Dark Horse Comics)


All the building tension comes to a final momentous conclusion as Dr. Shreds joins the squad. Immediately heading to the Illuminated’s church headquarters, this issue provides plenty of action as the Sundowners assemble and work together as a team for the first time since the end of the first issue. I don’t want to give anything away in this review because if you’ve read up to this point you need to read this one summary-free. There are a number of plot twists throughout the issue ending with the biggest of all at the very end.

Up until this point, one of the main pulls for this series is the notion that these characters are either real superheroes or they’re real people suffering from real psychoses. While there have been a lot of other contributing factors that have made this a great first story arc, this question of reality has been the driving force behind the entire premise and that’s why depending on how Seeley chose to reveal this answer, it could have made or broken the series as a whole. In this issue the reality of the situation may have possibly come to light and Seeley does so pretty gracefully. Regardless of whether or not they are truly sane, I was more worried about the process in which it would be revealed and I’m very happy with this execution.


While there are still some gaps within the storyline at this point we have to just accept that this is the nature of the comic and we’ll never be fully satisfied — but that’s why we’re always foaming at the mouth for the next issue. The art has been great throughout the arc and Terry brings his A-game on this issue as well. The last page of this issue is so epic in nature and aesthetically that I want it as my phone background. It’s an all-around well written and illustrated comic.

Is It Good?

This is one of those issues you put down and realize you’ve been holding your breath for the last several minutes. For how utterly confusing this first arc was, the ending was both climatic and well developed (unlike Lost, this writer knew where he was taking the series). From this point it’ll be really interesting to see what direction Seeley takes the comic because after this issue it’s pretty open to change. However, as he has previously hinted, there are many other people out there on the streets of Chicago who may or may not be suffering from Sundowners.


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