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Is It Good? Grayson #7 Review

In this month’s issue of Grayson, Dick and Helena must battle their old foes, The Fist of Cain.

Is it good?

Grayson #7 (DC Comics)


Helena is on her way to Tel-Aviv, Israel, having figured out where the Fist of Cain is planning on using the new Paragon Brain they took in the last issue. Even though she has no idea where Dick Grayson is, Spyral is working on a plan to find him. Meanwhile, in the GodsGarden, Dick is currently stuck in a cell that Midnighter put him in.


This issue brings an end to the mini-arc involving Midnighter (I would assume anyways) or at the least the focus on the Fist of Cain. Overall, I would say that Grayson #7 was solid, but not as good as the others (which is like saying a ruby I procured is not as great as a large diamond I also procured). Story-wise, it did a perfectly fine job with wrapping up everything from last time and continued to build up the relationship/connection between Grayson and Helena. As I said, it seemed to wrap up the storyline with Midnighter for the time being, had a very fun and exciting middle portion that took place during a concert, and an intriguing ending. There were only two parts I was rather hazy on, most of which happened during the ending, but it was ultimately good regardless of those minor points.

Tim Seeley’s writing was very enjoyable and well done for the most part. The pacing was great and always kept things going, while the story structure was good and had no real flaws outside of one bit that didn’t feel that well built up (that one of the points I was hazy on). The characterization was strong and did a great job of building up the characters and their roles, though Midnighter felt almost underutilized in this issue. The dialogue was good overall and featured plenty of good lines, especially during the concert scene. Honestly, there’s not much to say about the writing that you wouldn’t already know from reading past issues. It’s excellent stuff.

And here’s your daily dose of symbolism folks.

The artwork is handled by Stephen Mooney, who we’ve seen fill in on occasion for the series. I would say the art is probably the main reason why I’m not loving this comic as much as the previous issues; by no means is Mooney a bad artist when I say that — he draws some decent looking characters that exhibit evocative facial expressions (my favorite being those during Dick’s reaction after Helena meets up with him again ), his layouts are basic but work regardless, and the action flows well. However, he’s not quite up to par with Mikel Janin and sometimes the way he draws bodies and physiques can be rather odd. Also, in one scene Helena looks like a completely different character with a different hairstyle for reasons unknown.

Is It Good?

Grayson #7 is a good issue, though not quite as good as previous ones. However, Grayson at its weakest is still leagues above most comics. The writing is still very strong, the story is good outside of some minor hiccups, and the art is good despite being fill-in work. Still completely worth your time checking out, so go get it.


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