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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #45 Review

Last issue, while looking really good, unfortunately felt like a step back. We really didn’t make any progress anywhere in the story and that is rather annoying, especially considering how close we are to the end. I hope we get going with this issue, because it’s really time for this book to stop spinning its wheels.

Batman Eternal #45 (DC Comics)

Lead Writer: Ray Fawkes
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, and Kyle Higgins
Artist: Javi Fernandez


Batman faces off with a bunch of ghost/demon things on the tarmac of the Gotham Airport, all of which are trying to get to Professor Milo. Batman manages to take out Mister Bygone (the summoner), who wanted revenge for everything Milo did to him (talk about your coincidences, running into him). Then the police show up and Batman escapes with Milo before they can arrest him.

Spoiler Corner

Batwing, using his modified Batsuit, fights off all the specters in his home and makes it demon free. Once he wraps up, Corrigan shows up and visits him to see how he’s doing. He apologizes for getting separated from him back in the tunnels and for putting him through all those ordeals. Batwing says it’s cool and that everything is fine.

Corrigan and Batwing meet up with Batman at a graveyard, who has brought Milo in toll. Corrigan checks out the guy and thinks he has figured out what Milo was talking about earlier about this book he got. It was more like a crazy dream he had that gave these instructions on how to resurrect Blackfire and he ended up getting in too far. The question is, who gave him these instructions?

Harper and Stephanie are still bickering with one another about what is going on. Stephanie says that she still isn’t safe there and that Batman created all of these problems and villains. Harper calls bullshit on all of that and says to get over it. She then heads off to meet with Batman to see if she can convince him to help her get out of the city.

Batman and Julia are continuing their research and checking out other leads to find the mastermind behind everything. It actually takes an interesting turn when they look at who bought up WayneTech and divided the company after it was taken away from Bruce. The companies that bought WayneTech all have a familiar pattern and nameset to them, which Batman instantly figures out. The person who bought up the companies and would have all the resources and money to pull off such an extreme measure on him? Ra’s Al Ghul.


Well I suppose we’ve made some progress by the end of the issue, unless it turns out to be a red herring and this lead has nothing to do with the person pulling the strings. Either way, the issue was alright (writing and characterization were all okay) but still pretty uneventful and going over ground we’ve already covered. I really wish things would pick up and move on since this is rather disappointing.

The artwork was nice to look at though.

Best Moment

Dammit Corrigan! I’m trying to have a nice conversation here!


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