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Is It Good? Futures End #41 Review

It really feels like we are getting somewhere with this comic. Something huge went down last issue and it looks like we will continue to see that from here on out. I wonder what will happen now in this latest issue? Let’s check it out.

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Futures End #41 (DC Comics)

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Jesus Merino and Andy MacDonald


In New York, the Brainiac giant is on the move and the city is becoming shielded in a glowing pink energy bubble. Superman flies in to fight the giant, but is swiftly tossed right back out. In space, the Justice League is heading to destroy a big Brainiac spacecraft and Hawkman charges right at it to rescue Angie from it. However, as he approaches it, he gets a strange vision of many different superheroes of the DC Universe from different timelines and universes. Then Brainiac does something and Hawkman fades from existence, slowly changing back through several of the previous costumes he has had.

Spoiler Corner

In TerrifiTech, Mr. Terrific can only want the ongoing destruction of New York from his window as Brother Eye starts monologuing about what is happening and how he may be feeling. Batman, Tim, and Plastique arrive in the building and find themselves stuck inside, forcing them to look for a way out. Batman heads upstairs and finds Terrific, the only other person still alive, and demands to know what is going on. However, it’s clear that he has lost his mind at this point.

Tim and Plastique head for the elevator and look for their own way out. Unbeknownst to them however is the fact that the Future Plastique cyborg has located the two and is heading for them. Batman Beyond is somewhere still being chased down by the Batman/Joker cyborg hybrid from the future as well.

Not wanting to stand idly by, Masked Superman, Firestorm, and also Dr. Polaris (convinced that this is the chance to save lives and prevent anymore being from dying) teleport down to New York to fight the giant and help the citizens. However, that may not be enough since the Brainiac spacecraft up above fires an energy beam down (frying the Atom as well), where it connects with some sort of machine the Brainiac giant set up back in New York. This is probably a huge deal, but the comic ends there rather abruptly.


Unfortunately, the story isn’t making as much progress as you may expect. Yes, the comic gives the appearance of things happening, but honestly, we’ve only made a tiny bit of progress by the end of the issue (seems like things are being setup for Convergence). It’s rather annoying and disappointing, since after the last issue, you would expect a big battle or some big things to be revealed. Not really the case, and that’s a darn shame. The writing and artwork weren’t bad though, so there is that.

Most Memorable Moment

In this universe, that’s not too bad of a guess honestly.

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