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Is It Good? New Suicide Squad #7 Review

I won’t sugar coat it. Suicide Squad has been bad recently. Real bad. Between the art and the elemental speech patterns all the characters have seemingly adopted throughout this story arc, this may be the deciding issue to just tap out of the series as a whole. So, drumroll please, let’s see if it’s good.

New Suicide Squad #7 (DC Comics)

So the solicit states that this issue features Deadshot recovering, Black Manta trying to keep the team together, and something about the whole team, featuring Reverse Flash and Harley Quinn, won’t be coming back. Basically the quality of the solicits now reflect that of the comic it describes. Deadshot is limited to the very first page of the issue which he does absolutely nothing in. The rest of the team leaves the laboratory they just blew up, but upon realizing they’re being pursued the team seeks refuge in a Chinese “ghost town.” However, the rogue meta-human catches up with the squad and initiates a battle between both the team and the Chinese military themselves.

So how does this compare to the bleak trajectory the series has been on? Well there are some definite improvements, specifically in the writing. We get to see a real introspective conversation between Black Manta and Captain Boomerang where Manta discusses why he’s on the squad and no longer pursuing Aquaman. He references the Forever Evil event and overall it’s a pretty good character moment for Manta. There’s also a possibly poignant comment Reverse Flash makes to Harley and we’ll see what comes of it. Unfortunately those are really the only positive things I can say about the storyline.

Similar to last issue, it just feels like the creative team is trying to eat up space with unnecessarily large panels or superfluous, trivial conversations between members. There are a couple pages with Waller that features her assistant in the background having a side conversation that relates to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Of course that’s dangerous to say in the comic book world because you never know if little aspects in the current issue will tie into things down the road, but this instance is bizarrely out of place. This story arc as a whole has fizzled out at this point and the whole meta-human experiment isn’t that intriguing for a story arc theme.

While the writing made some minute improvements, the art is currently at a standstill. Hunter’s work is still an eyesore on every other page. The anatomy, the facial expressions, the physics…there are multiple concepts that just aren’t up to par and it’s tanking the reading experience (it’s obviously not the only thing, but it has the biggest contribution). I just don’t know how many swine-like Harley Quinn faces I can take before I just give up on the series.

Is It Good

While the writing does have its moments at times, it just feels like the creative team wants this story arc to be over with and frankly we’re on the same page. This might be the time to give the series a break and let it work out its issues.


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