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Panels in Poor Taste: 2/20/15 – Everybody Poops

Savage Dragon #202

Written by and Drawn by Erik Larsen

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Dave: Heavy Flo’s ultimate nemeses are Tampon Trish and Toxic Shock. Go figure.

John: I don’t know, looks like Giant Fist is Heavy Flo’s archnemesis.

Sean: The Thing got old as s--t.

Dog: Erik Larsen figured out what works in the ‘90s and is sticking with it. He’s the Counting Crows of comic books.

Dave: Hurry up and stop her kid Savage Dragon, she’s in pain!

Dog: Your parents never gave you “the talk,” did they, Dave?

John: He is not looking forward to his “Cum to Jesus” moment.

Sean: He totally doesn’t look into this.

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

Written by Grant Morrison | Art by Jim Lee

Greg: Everybody poops, including the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Dave: If we could only send this back in time and show Hitler what a joke he’s become he probably would have gone back to painting.

Dog: I refuse to believe 1940s German toilet paper was that quilty soft. I imagine boiled beech bark is about the best you would have gotten.

Rumble #3

Written and Art by john Arcudi and James Harren

Dave: In this universe momentum is an unstoppable force.

Dog: Why did he eviscerate that mantis Minotaur? Or behead that Ugly Doll?

Secret Identity #1

Written by Jay Faerber and Brian Joines | Art by Ilias Kyriazis

Dog: There really should be a limit of … one ellipsis per conversation.

Dave: This guy is a walking antacid commercial.

John: Introducing the new spokesman for the CDC’s anti-smoking campaign!

Lazarus #15

Written by Greg Rucka | Art by Michael Lark

Dog: Ben Kingsley’s a nice guy, as long as you’re not looking to get tipped for bringing his bags up.

Sean: Mr. Magoo got mean when he got contacts.

Dave: Failed Listerine commercial #46.

John: In the future you can ejaculate from your mouth, but only in limited quantities.

Deadly Class #11

Written by Rick Remender | Art by Wes Craig

Dave: “And on the next day the spork was invented. That concludes The History of Cutlery with a Violent Past TV special.”

Dog: “Field’s ready ta plant them potaters, Pa!”

Greg: This is uplifting. “No more moping. No more self-pity.” I’ve got to start taking more control of my life, too. Should I start by stabbing my enemies in the face?

B---h Planet #3

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick | Drawn by Robert Wilson IV

Dog: Not a DIRECT swap, I hope.

Dave: Creepy yet poignant interchange, or The Biggest Loser fan fiction?

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