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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #47 Review

Batman Eternal is still, somehow, spinning its wheels as we approach the last month of its run. Will we discover the true culprit behind everything soon? Will we get some real plot development? Let’s find out in the newest issue!

Batman Eternal #47 (DC Comics)

Lead Writer: Tim Seeley
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, and Kyle Higgins
Artist: Juan Ferreyra


Julia Pennyworth, while Batman is out of town, answers a call from a rather unimpressed Selina Kyle. Selina got the records about these shipments full of baddie goodies coming into Gotham and wanted Batman and his family to look into it before things get really crazy. Meanwhile, Alfred seems to finally be waking up and coming to his senses after all that mess caused by the Fear Toxin getting injected into him.

Spoiler Corner

Julia gets into contact with Batman about the situation with the shipments, which disturbs Batman upon thinking about what could possibly happen. However, Julia is already ahead of him and put out the call to several of the Bat-Family to deal with the situation. Batwing takes on Scarecrow, Red Robin goes after Clayface, Bluebird faces off with Mr. Freeze, Batgirl heads after Joker’s Daughter (hiding out in the amusement park from The Killing Joke), and Red Hood locates a now mechanized Bane.

Back in the Narrows, Harper’s brother, Cullen, is chatting with Stephanie about what has been going on in Gotham. Stephanie still insists something huge is coming and tells him she needs to get in contact with possibly the only one who can truly help, Vicki Vale.

After a strange power failure in the Batcave, Hush escapes his glass cell and somehow gets the upper hand over Julia, locking her in an escape pod. He also ties up Alfred and gloats about how the end is coming and someone is arriving. He shoots Julia out of the cave and into a lake nearby, where she surfaces to discover that Gotham is on fire (so, just another Monday). He then overrides the Batplane controls and forces Batman to crash onto the tarmac of an airfield outside of Gotham.


Still no advancement with the true culprit and honestly, with so few issues left, I’m starting to get worried. I’m worried that all the remaining plotlines won’t be wrapped up that well since there are so few issues left to go. We’re barely making progress and it’s frustrating… just as frustrating as Hush somehow beating Julia yet again (she just beat Catwoman and is also a super spy! Come on!). Everything else about the book is fine from the writing to the characterization to the artwork (I believe this artist will be taking over Gotham by Midnight this June)… but just get going on the story already!

Best Moment

Yeah, kidnapped people are just terrible actors.


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