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Is It Good? Nightworld Vol. 1: Midnight Sonata Review

In an industry so heavily dominated by archetypical superhero storylines, Nightworld is a breath of fresh air. Taking place in a surreal and classic horror movie setting, Nightworld documents the quest of some atypical demons in pursuit of a key to reverse their curse in this supernatural drama.

Is this outlandish comic worthy of cult classic honors? Is it good?

Nightworld Vol. 1: Midnight Sonata TPB (Image Comics)


Nightworld takes a look at a handful of characters who display heroic characteristics, but might not be classified heroes. In fact these characters are all text-book demons because they’ve struck deals or closely associate with the Devil himself. Our main character, Plenilunio is a tragic hero who seeks to free his love who wanders their dark manor in a catatonic stupor, void of her soul. As Plenilunio consults an aging necromancer and his granddaughter for assistance, he crosses paths with two of the devil’s minions: Hotspot, the egotistical and juvenile comic relief and Hellena, the power-hungry, right hand woman of the Devil. With all three of them desirous of the same mystical object to fix their cursed states, the three beings find themselves in a predicament.

This comic screams cult classic as it evokes a well done, but cheesy, horror flick with some stimulating discussions. The character of Plenilunio is the tragic intellectual who seems to turn conversations into metaphysical contemplations. This, paralleled with Hotspot’s dad jokes and relevant humor, make for great character interactions. And despite the vision you’ve created from what I’ve previously described, this series does include a fair dose of action in every issue which helps liven the pace of the plot.


While the art was off-putting to me at first (specifically the faces), it did grow on me when I began to understand the dynamic of the comic and I feel like it suits the surrealistic nature. The contrasts between the bright vibrant colors against the cool shades of the night scenes make for some really cool panels. Nightworld gives off the traditional comic book feel with the balanced and highly structured panels and there’s something comforting about that.

Is It Good

This series has a unique retro blend of comedic triteness and quasi-poetic dialogue that it certainly makes for a refreshing read. While I was initially against it, it’s hard not to let it win you over. With writing that’s equally as entertaining as it is intellectually stimulating, Nightworld puts the F-U-N back in PROFUNDITY. Take a chance and have some fun with this series.


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