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Panels in Poor Taste Manga Edition: February 2015

We have so much fun bringing you the weirdest and wackiest of western comic book panels every week that we decided to do the same for the wonderful world of manga! Check ’em:

Gangsta. #20

Written & Drawn by Kohske

Jordan: No no kid! That’s not how you high five at all! Ugh!

Sean: His words just cut you in half. Also, so do his hands.

Dave: We need more clotheslines like this in professional wrestling.

Dog: In the land of the blind, I guess the emo-haired kid is king.

Assassination Classroom #8

Written & Drawn by Yūsei Matsui

Jordan: And now we see the foreign adaption of That’s My Boy already in progress.

Dave: Where was I when schools like this existed?

Dog: Only professional Marvel vs. Capcom players can pull off the 30 hit tongue juggle combo.

Sean: Take it to the hit!

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgement #8

Written by Nobuaki Enoki | Art by Takeshi Obata

Jordan : Remember kids, say no to processed sugar. It leads you down a dangerous road you may not recover from.

Dave: That’s no sugar, that’s LSD! Somebody get the Grateful Dead CD out!

Sean: Well, who hasn’t been lured by that sweet powder of the gods? I mean, take right now, for instance. These rabid weasels are nibbling at my entrails, and sheesh, it is bothersome.


John Stage 1. Consumption Stage 2. Arm Extension Stage 3. Zombification complete

Terra Formars #6

Written by Yu Sasuga | Art by Kenichi Tachibana

John: Guess he overlooked his one eye.

Sean: Dude might want to see a chiropractor.

Jordan : Even in the worst of states, this monstrosity still finds it in himself to smile. Good for him!

Dave: “Turn that frown upside down” has new meaning.

Dog: Oh God, Tom Tucker’s son is possessed!

Umineko: When They Cry, Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch #16

Written by Ryukishi07 | Art by Jiro Suzuki

Jordan: No Halloween dinner is complete without a little causal murder and gore!

Sean: No ifs, ands, or buts, these people have guts!

Dave: This is what happens when you don’t unbutton the top button at Thanksgiving!

Dog: Weirdest. Gas X ad. Ever.

Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma #5

Written by Yuto Tsukuda | Art by Shun Saeki

Dave: More LSD in my manga please!

Jordan: Also, he is naked with a student being coated in honey by creepy bees… no one else sees this? Well I guess it’s just me then.

Sean: That old, tired “naked with a student being coated in honey by creepy bees” plot again.

Dog: Guys, “honey shot” was RIGHT THERE.

John: Are these the zom-bees they talked about at the Oscars?

Takujo No Ageha: The Table Tennis of Ageha #1

Written & Drawn by Nobuaki Enoki

Dave: If you’re so committed why don’t you marry it!?

Sean: Game, set, match, Miss. I’m going to go bang my table tennis set now!

Jordan: Look lady, unless you are licking a tennis paddle, he ain’t getting turned on by you.

John: You just can’t match the feeling of a table and that plastic ball!

Dog: “What’s the problem; you’re obviously a SWINGER!” Oh ho, ha ha, hee hee okihatemyself

Greg: I admire your fidelity, so I take no pleasure in telling you that Table Tennis seems to get around. I’ll spare you the details, but I think it goes without saying that Table Tennis is playing YOU.

E-Robot #1

Written & Drawn by Ryohei Yamamoto

Jordan: Is this what TV Tropes meant by Boobs of Steel?

Dave: You know she’s a slut when her chest needs to be “durable.”

Dog: Pretty tame for Power Girl fan fic.

Sean: The one of ultimate titty power… the one from prophecy… we are saved!

John: So this is what Barricade transforms into…


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