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Is It Good? Grayson #8 Review

It’s the last issue of Grayson before our two month break for DC’s Convergence event and from what I hear, this is supposed to be a rather big issue. Let’s see how it turns out. Is it good?

Grayson #8 (DC Comics)


Mr. Minos puts his long term plan into action. While one of his doubles is talking to a reporter about the secret identities of the Justice League and Spyral, another is at Spyral headquarters where he/it has destroyed the communications and shot Helena in the heart. He plans on killing the other agents there as well and it’s up to Dick Grayson to put a stop to him before everything comes crumbling down.


A lot of the developments that have been built or been slowly going on in the background over the past couple of issues get resolution here, like all of the Paragon organs and Mr. Minos’ behavior. It even brought back the young female Spyral agents from the “Manty Raid” issue, who at the time seemed like throwaways from a one-off humor focused issue. It’s solid stuff overall and I’m eager to see more when the series returns in June.

Tim Seeley and Tom King’s writing on the book overall is strong but the comic goes by quickly; a majority of the middle of the issue is rather decompressed and uses a lot of double page spreads for the action, so don’t expect a meaty issue like the last one. The humor in the book was pretty funny when it showed up and Seeley and King are immensely clever at knowing when/where to dial it back and not ruin any of the more serious moments. The ending was a great cliffhanger, but it might feel a bit predictable considering everything that has been going on. However, considering Mr. Minos has shown the ability to make doubles of himself, I’m not officially saying he’s out of the picture just yet (I mean, this is the DC universe after all) . Overall, the comic was great on the writing front.


Also great is the artwork, brought to us by Mike Janin once again. What is there left to say about his artwork that we don’t already know or haven’t discussed yet? His characters look amazing and expressive, his sense of anatomy is impressive, the camera angles he uses are unique and fresh, and his action scenes fluid and well-constructed from panel to panel (I really liked how the opening and final pages use the exact same layout). It’s just wonderful work and I’m going to miss it over these next few months.

Is It Good?

Grayson #8 was a great finale to the first part of the series and really makes me look forward to the future of the title. The story and writing on this comic have been fantastic, as is custom. It’s going to be a long wait until the next issue, but in the end, I’m sure it will be worth it.


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