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Is It Good? Batgirl: Endgame #1 Review

Time for something special folks! It’s a tie-in one-shot to Batman: Endgame, with the focus on Batgirl.

How is she handling the big Joker virus incident blowing up all over Gotham? Is it good?

Batgirl: Endgame #1 (DC Comics)


Taking place after the events of Batgirl #40, Batgirl is watching over the barricade on the Burnside Bridge, which separates the main part of Gotham from all of the infected people. Frankie contacts Batgirl with a message about a bus full of civilians that needs saving. Can Batgirl sneak into enemy territory and pull off an amazing rescue?

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this issue for two reasons. One: It’s a simple done-in-one tie-in to Endgame that actually doesn’t have much story in it. The comic is basically Batgirl heading in to rescue a bunch of people and using her wits to pull it all off. For Batgirl fans who have been liking the main run now for whatever reason or just Batgirl fans in general, I definitely recommend this if you want to read about her being awesome. However, there’s not much depth other than that and it doesn’t really do much to add to the Endgame storyline or even Batgirl’s main book.


Two: It’s a silent issue. Except for the very end, there are no word balloons and text of any kind besides text messages that are incredibly brief. As such, there’s not much too really examine or analyze in Batgirl: Endgame #1 since the silent treatment obviously limits that element and everything goes by incredibly quickly as a result. Of course, that doesn’t mean the book is bad by any means — as a silent issue, it’s very good; Batgirl: Endgame tells the story very well with just Bengal’s artwork alone, as the issue is rife with imagery and character reactions.

Speaking of Bengal’s artwork: it’s great and the real star of the book. With a lesser artist, the comic wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is; Bengal does a great job drawing the characters and making them very expressive, really conveying the story and the emotion well through their actions alone. The layouts are put together in excellent fashion, with each scene flowing well from panel to panel and the action coming across in fine form. You can really feel the movement in the characters and fighting as it happens. Just really stellar work all around here.

Is It Good?

Batgirl: Endgame #1 is a fine tie-in to the Endgame storyline, but there’s not much going on in it. It doesn’t really add anything new to the story and it goes by very quickly. However, it’s a great issue to witness in terms of what makes the Batgirl character so interesting and it succeeds very well at being a silent issue. If you have some extra cash this week and you like the character, give this a look.


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