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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #50 Review

The end is almost upon us for Batman Eternal, with only two issues left after this one. But right now, let’s take a look at the fifth issue of this weekly series and see if we learn something new for once.

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Spoilers Below!

Batman Eternal #50 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: James Tynion IV
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley
Artist: Alvaro Martinez


With Bane taken down, Batman can finally regroup and start getting things under control again. Back in Blackgate, Bard and the rest arrive to find Jim Gordon doing surprisingly well, relaxing and reading a book in his cell; Bard promises he’ll get Gordon out of jail. Elsewhere, the Penguin has escaped due to some help from Killer Croc on Catwoman’s behalf.

Spoiler Corner:

As Batman helps the rest of the Bat Family take down the villains (except for Batgirl, who had no difficulty with Joker’s Daughter in the end), Firefly starts lighting the city ablaze. Before Batman can even catch a break, he gets a message from Alfred, mentioning the note which told him to “go to Beacon Tower and watch his city and everything he holds dear to him burn”. Knowing that the note is setting up a trap and that he is completely exhausted to boot, Batman still goes anyway.

Batman arrives at the top of the tower, where someone is waiting for him, taunting him. Batman demands to know who it is, not recognizing the voice. However, the person shocks him, causing our hero to collapse. Out from the shadows steps Cluemaster, who states that “[Batman] never really considered all the options and that all he had to do was to follow the clues.”


Looks like we are finally at the very end of the comic, harkening all the way back to the first issue where we saw Batman strung up on the Batsignal as the city burns around him.

I can’t say much of the plot really progressed here until the end, outside of wrapping up some minor plot points (though considering last issue, I really have no idea how Penguin escaped) and even the reveal is suspect. Still — solid writing, great characterization, and good artwork did keep this book from sinking. Now that we are all the way back at the beginning again, what will happen now?

Best Moment:

Yeah, this is pretty typical in Gotham.

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