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Is It Good? The Empty #2 Review

Last issue we were introduced to Robinson’s fantastical realm that features a harsh dichotomy between the two lands that encompass it: One land being bountiful and full of life and color and the other, the Empty — a desolate wasteland plagued by poisonous roots.

Now cut off from the only civilization within the Empty, Tanoor and Lila have to trek the countryside to attempt to rid the land of the roots, but what dangers await the travelers? Is it good?

The Empty #2 (Image Comics)


The issue opens with a look at Lila’s land as her husband has begun to grow concerned due to her absence. This section is only a page long and the rest of the issue turns back to the Empty. Last issue left off with Tanoor and Lila trapped against the edge of a canyon confronted by a pack of Mools. I can confidently say that it’s no spoiler that the two survive the attack, but they do so in a way that upsets Lila’s delicately innocent constitution. Tanoor and Lila’s difference in cultures and upbringing poses a potential wedge between their relationship despite their common goal. Upon waking from their first night on the other side of the canyon, Tanoor awakes to find Lila missing as she’s been taken captive by the Mools . Tanoor uncovers the Mool’s civilization only to discover than Lila has picked up their language just as easily as she did her own and is now friends with the species, much to the dismay of Tanoor.

The issue ends on another cliffhanger as the group comes across the poisonous roots. Lila attempts to heal them — which she does, in a way. However, she comes to realize that they’re not exactly what they seem, something that may indicate the involvement of a third party. This aspect of the comic has definitely struck my curiosity as I was originally unsure whether or not to reviewing this second issue. This twist provides a lot of potential for the series and opens doors as to potential directions the storyline may take.


While the plot is showing intriguing improvement, I’m still on the fence about the writing. Some of the dialogue still reads as bland and unnatural, for example “I hope we live through this. Because I think we’re going to die.” This isn’t to say all the writing sounds like this, but it’s certainly disheartening to read a line like that. The art on the other hand is quite good in this issue. There’s another instance where Robinson struggles with developing depth, but he makes up for that in his detail and color used throughout the issue. Right off the bat we get to see some pretty graphic fight scenes between Tanoor and the Mools which pretty impressive looking. I also really enjoy the aesthetic concept of the Mools and I’m glad they’re playing a larger part in the comic.

Is It Good?

Robinson continues to guide us through his imaginative world and adds a twist into the main plotline. The art quality is on a rise while the writing itself could be better. Overall Robinson’s got me committed to at least another issue.


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