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Is It Good? Futures End #48 Review

It’s hard to believe, but we’re at the final issue of Futures End. Like with Batman Eternal, it’s been a long and wild ride. Let’s see how it all closes out. Is it good?

Futures End #48 (DC Comics)

Unfortunately, this was a rather weak and anti-climactic way to end this series. Sure, I believe this will be building directly into Convergence, but as an ending for this series alone, I’m rather disappointed. There’s no real end, just a point where the story decides it has had enough and just stops abruptly. Tim arrives in the future and there are still problems; nothing has really changed all that much from when we first saw it back in #0. As such, if you just wanted to read this series and this series alone, you’ll be rather annoyed by how this all comes to an end.

The writing here is alright, but there’s really not much to say about it with how little things actually went down in this series. The pacing was fine, but pretty quick. The story structure was okay and everything moved pretty decently from scene to scene. The dialogue was alright, but nothing really jumped out about it. Probably the best thing about the writing was its characterization and its ability to capture some really good emotional bits, especially with Tim reconnecting with someone at the end. The only other thing to say about the story or writing here is that there seems to be an error here, since I recall Amethyst dying back in #0 and as such, should not be able to show up in this issue.

This issue had four separate artists working on it (Allan Goldman, Freddie Williams II, Andy McDonald, and Stephen Thompson) and it certainly shows. Unlike Batman Eternal’s final issue, none of the artwork is all that great and comes across as being pretty average work. Also, none of it flows together very well since all of them work on the exact same scenes. As such, you pretty much shift from art style to art style during the middle of a scene and it’s pretty obvious when there is a change. It really doesn’t make for the best looking issue of the series, especially when the comic started off with Patrick Zircher’s great artwork.

Is It Good?

Futures End #48 is a disappointing way to end this weekly series, really providing no resolution for the story and just kind of abruptly ending. There are moments in here that are good, but as a whole, this was a lackluster way to wrap things up. I know this will be continuing on into Convergence, but the series could have at least given us something a bit more than this for our final issue.


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