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Panels in Poor Taste: 5/8/15 – It’s baaaaaack!

Savage Dragon #203

Written and Art by Eric Larsen

Dave: Of all the ways Larsen could frame this shot he had to go with the crotch butt angle? Really!?

Nick: I know that when I get punched in the face by a superhuman, my first first instinct with hurtling inverted through the air is to flex my quad and hamstring muscles to the point of giving me aneurysm.

John: Whoever is playing darts is really bad at it. Nowhere near the bullseye.

Dog: He can tell she’s been brainwashed … by looking at her shiny taint? That’s a very situation-specific superpower.


Dave: On the bright side it’ll still be an open casket Ken!

John: That’s right Ken, you are going to die and Wonder Woman Barbie can’t do anything about it.

Dog: And that’s why people like “alternative” medicine. Doctors have no bedside manner anymore!

Nick: Who the heck names their small intestines Diane?

X-Files 10 #23

written by Joe Harris | Art by Matthew Dow Smith

Dave: “Hold on. I got this,” was the last thing David Blaine ever said.

Nick: Too bad he couldn’t get a cigarette out in time.

John: Who dyed the water orange? Not funny.

Dog: Are the aliens they’re fighting this issue Green Lanterns? I thought they overcame that weakness.

Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #4

written by Alex de Campi | Art by Chris Peterson

Dave: Everybody knows McDonalds’ ground beef gets its flavor from the fear! DUH!

John: That guy needs to watch the TED talk on how to tie his shoes. They came off way too easy.

Dog: John, it’s well-established convention to take your shoes off while whacking it in a filthy truckstop diner. Where are your manners?

Nick: Don’t forget everyone: Taco Bell is giving away free breakfast tacos this week!

Ghosted #19

written by Joshua Williamson | Art by Vladimir Krstic

Nick: A middle finger and a shiv to the lungs are both universal ways of expressing displeasure.

Dave: Sticks and stones may break my bones but shivs will always hurt me.

Dog: “How about I flay it without delaying it? Dr. Seuss-speakin’ m----------r.”


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Comic Books

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