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Is It Good? Convergence #8 Review

And just like that, Convergence has ended. While it hasn’t exactly met expectations and left some readers disappointed, the most recent issues have built towards what we hope to be a climatic finish to the event. So is the finale good?

Convergence #8 (DC Comics)


Still standing over Deimos’ corpse, the heroes realize Jordan just murdered their only chance at leaving the planet. However, with the arrival of Booster Gold, Waverider, and Goldstar brings a new, but risky shot at survival in the form of releasing Brainiac and appealing to his logic. The end of the planet would not only result in all their deaths, but the death of the Multiverse itself (Honestly I still don’t really understand why this is, but the upped stakes never worried the readers considering many have already abandoned Convergence and placed their faith in Divergence).

As chaotic as everything was before this issue, DC is able to wrap this event up neatly, making sure everything has been reset and put away properly and thus leaving no messes for future issues to have to clean up or avoid entirely. This event has proven to be a succinct story and will make another infamous time crisis novel that has that sense of completeness to it. However, when it comes to previous graphic novels, it won’t be able to compare to those such as Flash Point or Zero Hour (no matter how much they shoved Hal Jordan into the last two issues).


There’s one component about the finale I didn’t enjoy; the disconnect between characters and lack of cohesion continues in this issue. While I appreciate King and Lobdell tying up all the loose ends, it required a lot of uncharacteristic actions by both some heroes and villains. Waverider summoning Brainiac and his sudden change of heart to assist everyone seemed like an unnatural, but convenient way to wrap everything up. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I almost wish there was another issue because it seems like they could have expanded on some points, despite a couple pages not having much material at all.

In a moment of crisis, Donna Troy and Starfire  choose to strike model poses

In a moment of crisis, Donna Troy and Starfire choose to strike model poses

There is a horde of contributing artists for this finale issue and the vast majority of it is quite good. There are a few awkward poses and because there are so many heroes placed in the widespread panels you’re able to find some that look out of place, but for the most part it’s all very pleasing to look at. Just as the series began, Convergence closes by focusing on our Earth-2 heroes and looks toward their future as they rebuild their society. Some other honorable mentions for the issue are: back to back two page spreads of each cities’ heroes, Dick’s son still being alive, and Telos having a Mufasa moment.

Is It Good?

Convergence ends on a better note than it started on, but it’s another convenient finale in terms of how things are wrapped up. The event as a whole wasn’t that bad, but it’s the expectations that ultimately let it down. I’d still say Convergence succeeded in providing a concise main storyline with a lot of individual titles that hit more often than missed. Now that DC fans’ wallets are empty, it’s time to devote our attention to Divergence.


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