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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Review

It has been months since the reveal of Spider-Man, Mary Jane and his daughter gracing the cover of this Secret Wars tie-in and the clamor to read this book hasn’t waned. The fact is, ever since Marvel retconned the Spider-Man and Mary Jane marriage people have been in a huff. Well we get a retcon back to the way it could have been with this story, but is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 (Marvel Comics)

This issue opens with Mary Jane and Peter eating at the dinner table. Peter is working on some web cartridges and their daughter is not older than three. She can’t form sentences just yet, but she’s starting to and Mary Jane is concerned they should keep the superhero talk to a minimum in case she says something out loud. He’s relatively happy and life is good…until news sprouts up that superheroes are disapearing. The entire X-Men and others. Spidey heads to the Avengers mansion and they’re quickly on their way to thwart the man responsible.

A happy family.

Dan Slott writes a pretty solid issue here, mostly because the core of the story revolves around Spider-Man having to protect what matters most to himself. Simply put, if you could save a group of heroes or your wife and child what would you do? Spider-Man has to make that choice and it’s a tough one, but ultimately is it the right one? The consequences are huge, but if you can continue to be happy with your family maybe it doesn’t matter how bad it gets?

Things aren’t looking good guys.

The fact that this is a elseworld type story helps make the conclusion feel like it matters to an extent. Especially considering we have no idea how this whole event will pan out, but of course Marvel won’t be killing off the majority of their characters so it’s a given this will all be erased. Fact is that’s okay, mostly because this is about Peter being a father and us witnessing. Witnessing the hard choices he has to make and the fact that he must reevaluate what it means to be a hero.

Lies! You’re Darkseid!

There is something to be said with a new villain introduced in this issue who is a bit flat. In fact he seems sort of like a Darkseid rip off to some extent. That said, as an Omega level villain it’s not like we need a well rounded one, especially at this juncture where we’re just seeing his might. Anyone who rags on this element probably isn’t thinking about how he’ll most definitely be developed in coming issues.

Adam Kubert draws a pretty fantastic issue that feels like it belongs in the 90s. His detail on Venom in particularly is out of this world and the fight sequence between he and Spider-Man is incredibly well paced. The layouts in general are strong and his ability reminds you how good he and other artists who have been around for a bit now are at drawing many heroes on the page at once. Nothing feels cramped and everyone gets a little bit of a chance to shine. Kubert is also great at the details, with plenty of them in the opening scenes to show how Mary Jane and Spidey have been as parents, and you’ll want to reread just to look at the details I’m sure.

He has time to make Spidey WD-40?!

Is It Good?

Fans of a Spider-Man with family responsibilities will be overjoyed with this great first issue. Those of you who like their Spider-Man single will still find entertainment in the high stakes at play in this issue.


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