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Is It Good? The Auteur: Sister Bambi #2 Review

What is most likely the most graphic comedy comic on the stands today gets a second issue complete with anal bleeding…but is it good?

The Auteur: Sister Bambi #2 (Oni Press)

The plot so far is relatively simple. There’s a hack writer/director who wants to make a movie about a badass nun and finds himself on an island very similar to Skull Island from King Kong. He’s tearing his hair out trying to figure out how to fix his script but also how to tell his girlfriend she won’t be the lead. This issue opens with the characters arriving on the island and hiking their way to their first shot.

Writer Rick Spears is a clever fellow. I say this because he has some great ideas that break the fourth wall and make this comic completely insane. Take for instance a moment where the protaganist is falling screaming, “Ahhh” all the way down, but saves himself by grabbing the word bubble containing the “Ahh” itself. It’s a funny little detail that makes the comic extra surreal and that’s saying a lot when you consider there are drug-induced fever dreams throughout. The plot of this issue is rather simple (probably too simple really), as our protagonist spends most of the issue worrying about getting himself out of his situation. A writer complaining about writer’s block is nothing new and it doesn’t add much to the proceedings.

S--t gets real.

Instead, the issue is mostly about a giant gorilla and the ultraviolence it does to the people and the violence he gets right back. It serves as the main shock the series it always promises us and it’s a fantastic sequence. It’s gross, insane and totally worth a look. Outside of that, the humor is just alright. Characters are willing to take cocaine for payment, cavemen first drew boobs and butts and a pile of cocaine talks. It’s all very out there, but not all that funny. Stick them in the “weird and inappropriate for weird and inappropriate’s sake” category.

The art by James Callahan continues to shine and it’s fantastic at delivering detail and coherent weirdness. I’ve said this before but his style is very unique and worthy of its own show on Adult Swim as it’s cartoony enough to not be taken literally but detailed enough to make you gasp. The characters’ expressions are loud and expressive which help sell the humor. Above all else you’ll finish this comic and say to yourself, “could anyone have drawn giant gorilla balls as well as that?”

I bet you didn’t think you’d see cocaine talking this week did ya?

Is It Good?

A good issue, but it’s not quite funny enough to make it a must buy. Still, you’re going to get a doozy of a scene involving lots of blood and gorilla anus. Can’t say that every day, can you?!


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