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Is It Good? Star Wars: Lando #1 Review

When I found out Lando was getting his own comic the first thing that popped into my mind was, “Finally.” I say this because the character has so much wit and panache about him that you just know he’s lived an interesting life. The first issue comes out today focused on Lando, but is it good?

Star Wars: Lando #1 (Marvel Comics)

The issue opens with Lando hanging out with the Imperial Governor of an entire sector. And when I say hanging out I really mean…post coitus chit-chat. Lando has his hands on a gadget of sorts and it’s hers. Instead of stealing it he tells her straight up he was going to take it, but can’t because he loves her too much. It’s a great opening because it questions what we know about Lando. This is the guy who sold out his friends to the Empire after all. We quickly learn nothing has changed though as Lando is still out for himself.

Wait, the traitorous Lando is saying this?!

Writer Charles Soule does a bang-up job with this issue with a very good pace and very good plot. Lando gets to show all different sides of himself, from liar to friend to coward to expert pilot. Really everything that makes this character so interesting is on display in this issue. He’s a smooth talker, but also knows how to haggle and most importantly knows how to get himself out of a dicey situation with just his words. We witness him work two different deals as well as hang with his best buddy Lobat who we’ll all remember from The Empire Strikes Back. There’s a lot to love in this issue when it comes to story, but the strongest aspect is character.

In fact the relationship between Lobat and Lando is quite a fun dynamic. Coming from a guy like Lando who sells out a friend like Han it’s clear they have a bond that’s rather strong. It’s also interesting to see Lobat characterized as something beyond a cyborg that’s more human than robot. All in all both characters get more interesting in a way that actually strengthens the movies.

The art by Alex Maleev is fantastic; dark and brooding sure, but very pretty to look at. The opening pages are bright and filled with hope, symbolic of what is being conveyed of Lando being in love, but we quickly learn that was a ruse and so the art switches to a darker palette. Most of the issue takes place in seedy bars and gangsters’ offices so it fits the story very well. Maleev draws Lando perfectly too, with every panel looking exactly like the actor. Later in the issue the action opens up a bit and that too looks great. You haven’t sen a space station until you’ve seen one drawn by Maleev.

Now this is a creepy bar.

Is It Good?

This is a great introductory issue to an often underplayed and misunderstood character. Finally he’s getting his due in the comic book format.


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