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Is It Good? Lumberjanes #16 Review

In this issue of Lumberjanes, we learn the real story of what caused Abigail to become a monster killer, and the combined history between her, Rosie and the Bear Woman. Is it good?

Lumberjanes #16 (BOOM! Studios)

The issue opens in a flashback, as Rosie tells Jen of the time when Rosie and Abigail were campers. Not only that, but the Bear Woman, whose real name is Nellie, was the camp leader — and a strict one at that.

We learn that nearby Mount Glory is the source of much of the mysterious happenings around camp, but it does not take kindly to interlopers. As the mountain tried to shake them off, Abigail doubled back to save Rosie, disobeying Nellie’s direct order. Abigail’s punishment fueled not only her disillusionment with being a Lumberjane, but also her hatred of Mount Glory and the Grootslang, the oldest of the mysterious creatures that calls it home.

As Rosie finishes her story, the Bear Woman appears and rescues them from the pit, warning that they have to stop Abigail at all costs. Back with the rest of the girls, the talking glow-eyed wolves from the last issue are still leading the girls, murmuring all the while about “THIEF”, “MURDERER”, and “CAREFUL”. They end up at Abigail’s snow plow, and are finally reunited with Jen, Rosie, and Nellie.

Rosie and Nellie rush to follow Abigail’s trail, which is headed straight for Mount Glory and the Grootslang, and they tell the girls to stay behind and don’t get into any trouble… which of course they do. Abigail manages to set off a huge amount of dynamite, triggering an avalanche that threatens the girls. And back on the mountain, Rosie and Nellie watch helplessly as Abigail comes face to face with her foe.

Is It Good?

I am loving every issue of this arc! Not only is it action-packed as the story races on, but we’re getting backstory without slowing the pace. The history of the Lumberjanes is fascinating and I probably should have guessed that the Bear Woman used to be the camp leader.

While we got less of the girls in this issue, we still see enough of the characters to keep everyone engaged and important to the action. We see more of the animosity that Jo has for Barnes and hopefully we’ll get some answers to that soon.

The art is top-notch as per usual, but Laiho went above and beyond with her colors in this issue. I loved the sepia tones for the flashback sections:

And I really loved the gentle glow behind the reunion (with bonus flying raccoon):

To be a bit nitpicky, I’m not sure that I completely buy Abigail’s reasoning for becoming a “monster” hunter from her experience on Mount Glory. She’s the one thin spot in this rich character lineup, but I hope that this arc ends with her redemption. I know that whatever happens, more crazy adventures await our girls. And hopefully it does not involve being eaten by the truly horrifying Grootslang.

PS – I am a bit disappointed at being teased for mermaids on the cover without any in this issue. Maybe it’s a teaser for upcoming storylines? Fingers crossed.


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