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SDCC 2015: Geoff Johns discusses Divergence and October Event

Currently writing Divergence, Geoff Johns isn’t new to universe-altering events and this current run seems to be as impactful as his previous work. During a one-on-one panel at comic con, Johns discussed what we can look forward to after Divergence as it leads into DC’s annual October event (e.g. Villain Month, Future’s End). This year DC’s special will be called Gods and Men and will feature a series of one-shots based on the fallout of the Darkseid War. These issues will focus on our heroes and their evolution into higher beings and quasi-God forms. Of these one-shots, Johns mentioned the following:

Cover of Justice League #43

Batman will find his way onto the Mobius Chair (As seen on the cover of Justice League #43), thus giving him access to ultimate knowledge. This issue will be written by Peter Tomasi and Johns mentioned that fans should get a kick out of the first question Batman asks the chair.

There will be an issue with Flash in which he gains the power of the Black Racer, the character featured in Morrison’s Final Crisis.

Black Racer in Final Crisis

Lex Luthor will have a one-shot where he actually attempts to control the power of Darkseid himself.

Even Shazam will have a dedicated issue in which his mythic powers are no longer channeled by Zeus, but from High Father himself.

Johns also mentioned that Superman and Green Lantern will be featured in these specials, but gave no further details as to their storyline. This definitely seems to be building into an epic event and will hopefully justify the $5 holographic covers that we’ve grown to despise over the last two years.

Expect big things from DC this October!


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