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SDCC 2015: David Walker Discusses Upcoming Cyborg Series

One of the most anticipated new series to come out from DC is Cyborg, which will be the first solo series in the character’s history. Cyborg was created by Marv Wolfman in 1980 as one of the “new” teen titans and while he has since been promoted to the Justice League and featured in several one-shots, this is the first time that he’s had his own comic.


In a Comic Con interview with David Walker, who is new to DC, the writer announced both his excitement for the character as well as some aspects of the upcoming series. We’ll be seeing some familiar faces such as Silas Stone and the Metal Men, along with some intriguing new villains which Walker hopes will solidify the “sci-fi, horror feel” to the series.

The Metal Men will make an appearance in the new series

The Metal Men will make an appearance in the new series

With the new series comes a new look which will include a vast update to the hero’s armor. “When Cyborg was created they equipped him with prosthetics and technology that seemed advanced at the time,” Walker pointed out. “Have you ever Googled old prosthetics?” We now carry around more advanced technology in our phones everyday so Walker wanted to push Cyborg further along and “take him back into the realm of sci-fi.”

Aligned with current fashion trends, Victor Stone in showing a lot more skin nowadays

Aligned with current fashion trends, Victor Stone in showing a lot more skin nowadays

One thing that’s noticeable in the preview images for the comic is the lack of armor Stone is sporting and Walker explains there’s a reason for that. “Humanizing isn’t strong enough of a term,” Walker explains. Cyborg is unlike the other Justice Leaguers that can switch back and forth between aliases when convenient: Superman/Clark Kent, Batman/Bruce Wayne, etc. “Cyborg is always Victor Stone and Victor Stone is always Cyborg… this comic will attempt to find a balance between man and machine”. Therefore the villains will be those who force Victor to utilize his mechanic qualities and attempt to strip him of his humanity. So by that definition Silas Stone, his father, is one of Cyborg’s greatest villains with his consistent dehumanization of his son. There will be a number of players that will both encourage and discourage Cyborg’s human self-concept and that will be something to watch for in the series.

Cyborg #1 hits shelves July 22nd.


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