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SDCC 2015: Grant Morrison’s Multiversity and Future Projects

Before the panel had even began, Morrison apologized for his possible lack of voice due to “drunkenly yelling at Mike Tyson” the night prior (The beauty of Comic Con, folks). Despite being a little hoarse, that didn’t stop Morrison from blowing every mind in the audience by dissecting Multiversity and delving into the similarities between comic development and music chords and the gender of cosmology. Frankly I felt like I was in a collegiate lecture for the majority of the time, but it just proved what a mad genius Morrison truly is.

There were some lighter moments to the event. Multiversity has taken Morrison over a decade to develop and fully conceive, yet within the same year, Marvel released their own universe expanding event with Secret Wars. When asked about the similarities between the two events and if Morrison went out and got Hickman drunk to pick his brain, the writer coolly responded, “Oh yeah, we went out and got him drunk, but we couldn’t find his brain.” This was immediately followed with laughter, a “Sorry Hick, couldn’t resist” and an explanation that all comic companies, especially the Big Two, are constantly inspired by one another, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve necessarily stolen any original concepts from each other.

After Multiversity talks, Morrison did release some information for his upcoming projects. The first is a Wonder Woman Earth 1 book which will take the Amazonian back to her first origins and rework some of those stories. Morrison was eager to point out that making a woman a warrior isn’t the only way to make her a powerful character and that this series won’t need her bearing a sword and shield, a direction that the Finches have taken in Wonder Woman’s solo series. The first arc will be told through a trial format as Wonder Woman must tell her story to her Amazon sisters.

The intriguing aspect of the book is that Morrison has taken special care in making Themyscria as aesthetically female as possible. This is an island with no men and is filled solely with women, science and art and the look of the island will represent that. The lines, colors and designs will be female oriented and reflected “from the cups to the weapons the Amazons use. We’re taking all the masculine images out.” Grant will be doing this project with artist
Yanick Paquette.

Morrison will also be taking on a black and white Batman book which will feature different worlds and takes on the hero. The book will be a collaboration with several writers and will attempt to tell unique Batman stories like what happens when all of Bruce Wayne’s girlfriends get together and discuss him. It sounds like a Morrison type book and it sounds like a must have.

Last but not least, Morrison said there will be a Multiversity 2, but it won’t be a sequel to this year’s event. Instead, the universe will be expanding to include, not just more universes, but more multiverses. So when you look at the map of the multiverse, you see the 52 universes contained within a giant bubble. This is Morrison’s concept of bubble universes and this map is only “one of many infinite infinities.” Multiversity 2 will start to examine characters outside our own Multiversity and Morrison’s first story will focus around a Flash adaptation.

Wonder Woman Earth 1 is set to release April 2016 and more news about Morrison’s other developments should be coming later this year.


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