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Is It Good? Deep State #8 Review

This week brings us the final issue (?) of Deep State. Is it good?

Deep State #8 (BOOM! Studios)

Yeah…not a whole lot I can say without spoiling things. The revelations come hard and fast from first the page—and not just with a bunch of boring-ass exposition. Writer Justin Jordan goes all out, peeling away multiple layers of the series’ complex mythology through a taught, exciting narrative.

By the time the issue’s over, that status quo has changed, but in a way that’s fair and satisfying to the reader.

Is It Good?

This is so disappointing.

Not the issue. The issue was great. In addition to Jordan’s great writing, artist Ariela Kristantina seems to have really hit her stride. Aided by Ben Wilsonham’s gorgeous coloring, the artwork over the last three issues has been by far the best of the series.

Add in Jordan’s narrative coming together so well, and the creative team just starting firing on all cylinders as they reached the final issue. I don’t know if BOOM! intends to do a continuation and/or second season of the series but they definitely need to.

So why did I go from giving Deep State lukewarm/poor reviews to enjoying it so much? Well, aside from the reasons mentioned above, I felt like the series as a whole finally found its voice. There was never any talent deficiency with the people making it, but the first few issues were scattered. Jordan’s narrative/plot and Kristantina’s art both went in spurts—sometimes great, other times unclear or very static.

Once they both got into a groove, however, things really started to get interesting. Deep State went from a competently executed, run-of-the-mill conspiracy book to a truly unique story. Sure, there were times the plot got a little too twisted, but that’s par for the course in this genre. The creative team also succeeded in delivering a series finale (?) that reveals a great deal while still keeping a few things mysterious—and not in a Lost or Y the Last Man way. There are definitive, real answers that launch us into the new questions…which we may not get to see.

Whether Deep State gets a second season or not (and it should), congratulations to the creative team on a job well done. You definitely won me over.


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