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Is It Good? They’re Not Like Us #7 Review

The psychological drama everyone is talking about is back from hiatus. Will the characters continue to be immoral or will things change for these mind-powered fellows? Is it good?

They’re Not Like Us #7 (Image Comics)

This issue is very much a “where are we now” sort of story as we explore the characters now free of the big bad leader known as The Voice. They no longer need to use the names he gave them but their real names (names he made them forget) and they no longer have to beat up and hurt bad people. Basically they’re free to live their lives like normal people and choose to do with their powers what they will. A bunch of mind powered people now without a singular purpose could be a scary thing, but they’re all so broken and messed up they really just need to find themselves anyway.

All’s well right now.

Overall this is a very slow and steady script from Eric Stephenson. I say slow because not a lot happens in this issue with the main powered characters. They are still reflecting on their place in the world and their new freedom, but it goes on a little too long without much change. If this were a movie it’d feel like 30 minutes of the same thing. Meanwhile Dawn reveals she was dating The Voice and it’s pretty melodramatic. I don’t know if she’s immature or young, but she is obnoxiously childish and babylike. This leads to Tabitha freaking out when she finds this out and, again, she has a rather melodramatic reaction. Much like Dawn’s sorrow it’s way over the top and makes this script feel unrealistic. For a series that’s been very much steeped in reality it’s a bit of a let down.

I will say this though, Stephenson is writing what could be a manifesto when it comes to dealing with breakups. I could see folks who are in their own breakup reading this and feeling a bit empowered. The intense pain Dawn is in is something many will relate to and I’m sure will work for many. Not feeling a wave of emotion currently though I couldn’t relate and it seemed way over the top.

Exposition for new readers.

He also does a good job progressing the plot outside these characters. The police are hot on their trail and it’ll be interesting to see what they reveal and uncover for themselves. We know the horrors that have occurred and it’s going to be a big deal when it leads them towards these innocent yet superpowered folks.

Simon Gane continues to impress me. I’m not sure there’s another talking heads comic that looks this good. The little details in the setting and clothing alone is jaw droppingly good. Take for instance the final page cliffhanger. One might be captivated by the new character and questioning what was up, but I for one was just in awe of the damn pants Tabitha was wearing! “There’s a button the back? WHAT?!” It may sound silly, but it’s important as it adds a level of reality to the read.

Seriously, stop talking and start doing.

Is It Good?

It’s not terrible, but it’s too slow to hold your attention and a few too many melodramatic moments. The art saves it from being a completely skippable affair and the plot is thickening, ever so slowly.


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